The Amulets of Sihr by Abu Bilaal Yakub - Book Review

Book Description:
As the world plunges into darkness,
How will mankind survive the purge?
Of that which is evil...
Of that which is wicked...
Submerge into the unknown. Enter the realm of the Unseen. Prepare to face the evil beyond the veil...
Arisen is he. From the ashes of war. Avowed is he. To destroy the world of man.
Of beast and creed...
Of blood and clay...
Of sin and deed...
Of Fire and Ash...
Of Jinn and Man...
The battle has just begun!
An impulsive leap of faith coerces Mukhtar to free four slaves from their captors. Little does he know how remarkably this would shape his destiny.
As the turmoil within him unfolds, his mother unveils her most guarded secret - an ancient and powerful Amulet. Once belonging to his long-lost father, the Amulet sets Mukhtar upon a path unraveling a grim and dark past of his bloodline.
Now, at the crossroads of good and evil, he must face his life's greatest trials and tribulations in order to save the empire from the brink of annihilation. 

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Author Bio:
Kenyan born, Canadian author began writing short stories, songs, and poems since he was 12 years old. After earning an apprenticeship with Mercedes Benz, he studied Mechatronics Engineering for two years before specializing as a Diagnostics Technician for the global luxury vehicle manufacturer.
With a love for graphic design, film-making, animation, and music, he channeled his creativity into pen and paper and began writing his first novel. After nearly ten years of working on his manuscript, he finally makes his debut with The Amulets of Sihr, an Epic Fantasy combining fact and fiction, controversy and concurrence, embedding some of his own experiences with the occult and unseen into a stunningly immersive anecdote.
He is open to constructive criticisms, intellectual discussions or just a fancy chat!

Book Review by Carmen: 
A lot of this story takes place in desert-like surroundings; having a fairly Middle Eastern setting with a fantasy element to it. One thing to keep in mind if you happen to pick this book up is that there is a bit of scene setting in the beginning of this novel. This novel also has aspects of paranormal to it; there are times where you dive into the world of occult. I get the idea that there might be a second book following this one, since by the end of it, there are still one or two loose ends that need to be resolved. I ended up giving this book a four star rating and got a copy in exchange for an honest review. 

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