P&G Samples

I came across P&G Everyday Solutions. If you sign up you can get amazing samples from P&G. I received on Friday my kit, which included a Clinical Secret, Old Spice body wash, pantene shampoo and conditioner, Mr. Clean magic eraser, plus a venus embrace razor!
Head over and sign up for the next shipment to try some great samples!

Menu Planning Mondays – June 28th,2010

Hi! I'm a bit behind on my menu planning Mondays since it's Tuesday. Next week I will try to have it posted for Sunday night.
Okay here it goes:

Monday - We had hamburgers/portabello burgers
Tuesday - Ravioli Lasagna from Dinner with Julie
Wednesday - Egg salad wraps (the kids love these and quick before Parker plays soccer)
Thursday - Mac and tuna
Friday - Sheppard's pie
Saturday - Fish, Rice and veggies
Sunday - BBQ (chicken or pork) potatoes and veggies

Check out other great menu's at Organizing Junkie

Happy Ending

We have 3 cats, all from the same cat family but all very different. They are all brown tabbies though. Their names are Marty, Swiper and Annabell. Swiper and Marty are the two boys and they love to be outside. We have one neighbor who I don't think likes cats too much but he sister in law has 3. The cat lady we will call her "B", She lives across the road from us. The sister in law who lives a couple houses down from us, we will call her "W" she has a dog.

Well Swiper is noisy we are told from "B" and she doesn't like it. "W" has already taken a cat from our place and put it at the animal shelter. By the time we found out, she was up for adoption even though she had a Micro Chip. So last Tuesday night Swiper didn't come in. No big deal he would be back in the morning. Morning came, no Swiper. The days went by still no Swiper. I worked all weekend and we didn't see the cat. On Monday morning I called our Animal shelter to see if he turned up. The lady said there was a nice friendly brown tabby picked up from our area that was told to have been a stray for a long time. So I packed up the kids and we went to find out if it was our Swiper. We got there and it was indeed Swiper who was SOOO happy to see up he almost knocked Abby over. The lady who brought the cat in said he was sooo vicious and attacked her big dog to the point she had to take him to the vet. But keep in mind she was able to catch him to take him in to the shelter. I had to pay to get my cat back! This lady will pay, she has done this with our other cat and another neighbors cat about a year ago. Revenge is a B*T@H! Two little children missed their loving cat that you will pay! In our town it's against By-Law to have your cat leave your property, so from now on I guess we will have to harness our cats up and hope they don't hang themselves. This gives me one more push towards the country and out of our township which royally sucks with all the rules and people who live here!

Glass Jewelry Giveaway

Over at One Scrappy Mom there is a wonderful giveaway for Jenny Gaynor Glass Jewelry. Jenny has a great selection of handmade blown glass jewelry. They are a nice affordable addition to anyone's collection. Please head over to One Scrappy Mom and enter this great giveaway!

Menu Planning Monday June 21st

Here goes the second week of posting my menu plans.
Monday - BBQ chicken legs with beef flavor (parker asked for it) rice and Squash
Tuesday - Mac and tuna
Wednesday - Need some idea's :) Please leave me idea comments.. something easy and quick since it's my mom who will be making supper while I'm at work and they need to be out the door for soccer..
Thursday - Fish and Chips
Friday - Bean and Rice Burritos
Saturday - Spaghetti
Sunday - Sheppard's Pie

I will try and add recipes during the week. I did not do too bad with last week. I will edit last week's post to let you know what got changed.

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Week in review

Happy Father's day to my hubby and all the other hubby's out there! I changed my menu this week a bit, mostly just the days. Today I am going to make a beef stew in the crockpot and it's a good thing since it's only 8am and already 20 degrees out!

Yesterday I went to my first Forever Living Products team meeting and met my manager Oliver. It was a great presentation and I can't wait to get my FLP business up and running in full swing. If you are interested in FLP please email me and I will answer any questions you have! It's such a great natural product!

On Monday I will start my new position, I am really looking forward to it. I will no longer be living by that call and run. YAY at least til next April!

I will work on my menu plan today and I hope to have it up by tonight or tomorrow morning.

Canadian Coupon Sites

Over at $5 Dinners They have complied a list of resources for Canadian Coupons! It a great list. Check it out and you can even sign up for a newsletter. Usually I use at least one coupon per grocery shop but I'm trying to get better. If you have ever searched online you will see a lot of people mostly Americans who pay $20 a week for groceries since they buy on sale and combine a coupon to save even more or get it for free.

The other day I was on a blog where they had a grocery contest of spending only $25 per person. A family of 4 would spend $100 a week. The downside was it was only open to Americans. We have been trying to stick with $125 per week, but just for a challenge I may try $100 or less :) Always fun to see if you can do it.

Menu Planning

I used to menu plan every week or sometimes two weeks in advance, but I slowly fell out of planning, with so much going on at work. Now that I am blogging I would love to join all the other moms out there that do the Menu Planning Mondays with Laura at Organizing Junkie
Every Monday moms around the world post their menus for the week including recipes. It's great to know what you are making before the day so there is not last minute rushing or junk food going on the table. We have been eating pretty well the last couple of years. Most of our food is home cook and from scratch but when I don't have a plan I go for the quick and easy and it gets old fast. It also helps out a great deal when grocery shopping. You will always have what you need in the house when it comes time to cooking it.

Here is my first week of Menu Planning for Menu Planning Mondays:

Monday - Soup and fruit for dessert
Tuesday - Skillet Pasta & Beef Dinner from Meal Makeover Moms This is a new one for us. I plan to review it later on in the week.
Wednesday - Egg salad wraps
Thursday - Hot Dogs Pizza
Friday - Beef Stew Dad cooked Hot dogs and Sausages on the BBQ
Saturday - Dad cooks :)
Sunday - Tortellini Tomato Spinach soup Beef Stew from The Big Cook Cookbook

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Neti Pot Freebie

I'm sure everyone has heard of the Neti Pot? If not let me explain it abit. The netipot provides natural relief from sinusitis symptoms, allergies, common cold or flu, and other chronic sinus and nasal problems. NeilMed makes the Neti Pot and if you are a member of Facebook you can log on and "like" their fan page to receive a free netipot to try. NeilMed Neti Pot After you like the page go to the tab at the top and click Free Neti Pot.


New job position

Yay! I finally got a new job position at work. I get a bit of a break from my living by a pager job. I will actually know my shifts two weeks in advance! I'm very excited, I start June 21st. I've been a Rover (living by the pager) for a year and a half, finally landing a temp contract til April of next year.
D (let's call hubby that) and I have been talking about placing a meat order for awhile now. So I decided this was the week we would order. I ordered Monday night and they were suppose to call me on Thursday, then called Wednesday in the afternoon for me to pick it up. I went Thursday with the kids and of course it had to pour rain! We had our first meat out of it, chicken legs back attached. They are pretty big and the kids and I shared one. I think I will make a stew in the crock pot on Tuesday after doing some groceries. I will post the recipe I use next week :)
Speaking of recipes I have found a great site called Meal Makeover Moms It's a great site, the two moms are dietitians and each have two kids. I've been listening to their podcast since Monday. They have 106 podcast and I'm on 22 I believe. I plan to test out their recipes and I will review them on here. Look for them in the next week or two.

Anyways I should head to bed incase I do get called in to work tomorrow morning. Its almost midnight and the early shift would be 8:30am! til next time :)


Soccer & a Birthday

Four years ago Sunday I was in the hospital having my first baby, a 9lb 12oz baby boy! Now he says he is a BIG boy and he is big and strong. Happy Birthday Parker! Wow does time ever fly! In September he will be heading off to JK. A bit of me is soo excited to see him off to his first day of school, knowing that he is going to love it but another bit of me is sad since he isn't a baby anymore.

Saturday Parker had his meet and greet for soccer. He is on the Red team and was able to choose his jersey number. He decided to be #3. Last night was the first game! The red team did great! there are no losing team but the red team has a lot of good players. At first Parker was just chasing the kids but after abit he got the hang of it and was actually kicking the ball! I will get pictures up as soon I as I get them on the computer. I need to reinstall photoshop.


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