New job position

Yay! I finally got a new job position at work. I get a bit of a break from my living by a pager job. I will actually know my shifts two weeks in advance! I'm very excited, I start June 21st. I've been a Rover (living by the pager) for a year and a half, finally landing a temp contract til April of next year.
D (let's call hubby that) and I have been talking about placing a meat order for awhile now. So I decided this was the week we would order. I ordered Monday night and they were suppose to call me on Thursday, then called Wednesday in the afternoon for me to pick it up. I went Thursday with the kids and of course it had to pour rain! We had our first meat out of it, chicken legs back attached. They are pretty big and the kids and I shared one. I think I will make a stew in the crock pot on Tuesday after doing some groceries. I will post the recipe I use next week :)
Speaking of recipes I have found a great site called Meal Makeover Moms It's a great site, the two moms are dietitians and each have two kids. I've been listening to their podcast since Monday. They have 106 podcast and I'm on 22 I believe. I plan to test out their recipes and I will review them on here. Look for them in the next week or two.

Anyways I should head to bed incase I do get called in to work tomorrow morning. Its almost midnight and the early shift would be 8:30am! til next time :)



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