Dove Chocolate Giveaway~

Who can resist chocolate? or a giveaway? Well on One Scrappy Mom you can have the chance to win some Dove Chocolate! All you have to do is visit her site and follow the entry directions :) Good luck to everyone!

Maxx Scoop

Hi All, I want to tell you about the cat litter we got to try and LOVE! It's Purina Maxx Scoop. I love the small spaces clumping litter. It smells great and is low dusting (big bonus when you fill the litter box up) Our Cats seem to like it also. We have 3 cats (2 males) and we usually clean the box once or twice a day. There are no more peeing or poops beside the box either! I got to try out this awesome litter by going to Try Maxx Scoop and you take a little survey, they send out a coupon for you to try it and then tell people how you like it. They contact you a few weeks later for a survey on how you enjoyed your new litter.


till next time :)


Okay so my son is accident prone and will find a way to get hurt. The other day he had a blade of grass and it sliced his thumb up pretty bad. Here I am pushing a stroller and applying pressure/holding his thumb up and walking almost 3 blocks. Blood everywhere.. Like really it's a blade of GRASS for pete sakes! Anyways I went out and bought a small first aid kit to carry with us at ALL times. I decided to look around online to see if there are any coupons for the new Polysporin to go and I found a nice one! $3 off.. enjoy!! and hope that we don't need to use it much.

Polysporin to go coupon here!

Bzz Agent

Hi All! I just joined BzzAgent. Thanks to a good friend, Steph who told me about this site. You join and fill in survey's and reports. They ask you to try products and review them on their site, facebook or a blog, plus talk (bzz) to people you know. I am in the middle of filling in survey's and waiting for my first BzzCampaign! If you are interested please let me know and I can refer you or just sign up on their site. I will start reviewing on here when I do a BzzCampaign.

Biggest Loser Volume 2

Here's your chance for the Biggest Loser Volume 2 workout cd mix. If you are like me and love to watch the biggest loser now you can work out with the cd. Enter you email to receive it here

5 React Gum!

Free pack of 5 React Gum, who doesn't like a free pack of gum? You need to have an existing facebook account to sign up.

Order you free pack here

Biodegradable Doggie Poop bags

Just came across free samples of Biodegradable Doggie Poop bags order here


Hi and welcome to my new blog! I decided to start this blog because I love to get freebies and save money. Who doesn't like those things? If you do please follow my blog for info on where to find great Canadian Coupons and Samples :)

Mail Call will be a lot of posts also when I tell you what arrived in my mailbox and would love to hear what everyone else receives. If you have a site you love with freebies or coupons please share with our followers.

Til next time Have a Great Day!

Jennifer :)

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