The Collector ~ Movie Review (spoiler)

I have always been a huge fan of horror, not usually super gruesome but horror. Nightmare on Elm street, Halloween. I haven't seen too many good horror movies lately. Could be a combination of being too busy and also that there are not many out there anymore. The last good one I saw was Last house on the Left.

Last night hubby came home from work with a movie in hand and said "Want to cuddle down and watch this together?" so of course I said "yes" since I jump at all opportunities to spend time together.

After watching this I said to hubby "I really need to review this". haha first thing that comes to my mind most of the time in the last year is I need to review this. Good or Bad. I like to share with you my opinion.

If you want to see this movie then please don't read any further as my review will spoil the movie.

A little bit about the movie: This is from IMDB

"When the Chase family moves to an isolated house in the middle of nowhere in Detroit, Arkin is hired to fix the windows and the doors. Later he meets his daughter and his wife that has a debt with dangerous sharks and needs money, but his week payment is not enough to pay her debts. Arkin plots to heist the safe of Michael Chase during the night to raise the necessary money. However, when he arrives in the house, he finds that a sadistic criminal has imprisoned the family and planted traps everywhere. Arkin seeks a way out of the deadly house to save his life.
Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil "


I didn't read the back of the movie case so watching this movie I had no idea what it was about. The teaser came and went, then the intro credits appeared. The movie started with a guy (who we found out was Arkin) fixing doors and windows in the huge house where a family with a little girl and teenage girl lived. Then storyline or what little of it showed Arkin meeting his daughter and wife in a bowling alley, where I assumed his wife works. His wife was waiting for Arkin to give her money so she could pay loan sharks. Arkin's pay wasn't enough so he left to go talk to a guy he has been working with (a thief) to get the burglary done tonight before midnight.

The burglary was to happen in the house we were introduced to Arkin in the beginning. Arkin then finds himself in the house with a crazy killer who has boggey trapped the house with animal traps, knives, acid on floors etc. This is maybe 15-20 minutes into the film. Now the rest of the film is Arkin trying to get out while looking for the little girl. The family cat is stuck in the acid and gets ripped in half when Arkin trys to get it out. This movie was a total gruesome torture movie something like Saw, pin in the ear when trying the phone, fish hooks from the ceiling. There really wasn't a storyline just a maze of gruesome torture. The movie looked like it was going to finish happy but then the ambulance carrying Arkin was hit by something, turns out it was the killer in his van and Arkin was taken in a box by the killer.

There you have it, the whole movie. The ending leaves it open for a sequel but I don't think I will be wasting time to watch it.

~*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Just me sharing my honest opinion on The Collector.*~

Philips SatinPerfect Epilator Review

Philips SatinPerfect HP6570 Epilator
Product Features:
  • Philips Satin Perfect Hp6570 comes with extra-wide epilation head to remove more hairs in one stroke - Wider than any other Philips epilator
  • Two speed settings and uniquely textured ceramic discs lift and gently remove even finest hairs
  • Pivoting performance cap for optimal skin contact and built in Opti-Light that reveals even the finest of hairs
  • Washable head for optimal hygiene and a luxury travel bag ideal accessory for travelling
  • The active hair lifter with subtle vibrations lifts even flat lying hairs while the active massaging system stimulates and soothes the skin
I recently got a invite to review the Philips SatinPerfect through BzzAgent, I jumped at the opportunity of course. Any way to remove hair and not have to do so much up keep to keep it off is a great idea to me! I really don't like shaving, but I am also a bit lucky in the sense I can usually get away without shaving for a week.

Right away when the epilator came in I pulled it out and prepared myself for my first epilating experience. I will admit the first few time or maybe even a handful of times it does hurt abit for me. I am a wimp sometimes. Remember this is removing hair from the root. It was hard to take near the ankle and upper leg. I epilated weekly the first three weeks and then let it go for three weeks. It was much lighter and finer than before. I am in love with this new toy of mine. I can't wait for the summer. I am epilating every couple weeks but I am sure in a few months I will be able to go a whole month without epilating. The hair is very fine now.

I do still have abit of problems with epilating around my knees but with time and practice I am sure this will become much easier. I recommend trying the Philips SatinPerfect Epilator if you are looking for another way to rid hair on your legs.

Where to Connect: Check out Philips Canada for their lastest epilators and Philips products.

~*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Philips Satin Perfect epilator for review purposes and was not compensated in any other way. Thanks Philips and Bzz Agent for this review opportunity. All opinions on my blog are that of my own.*~

Home-based business

One of my New Years goal is to find balance between home and work life. For the past three years I have thought about starting my own business making clips, headbands, tutus, baby leg warmers, quilts etc but have never actually jumped into it. I am now turning to my readers to ask, what do you think? I was thinking of opening my own etsy shop and also attending craft sales in my area. Would you be willing to buy online these items?

I would love to share my love for crafting with the world. I would love feed back from my readers on what you think. I am looking to go to part-time at work and then start my business. Please leave me a comment or email me at foreverhealthyaloe @ hotmail dot com

~*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.*~

Kashi $2 off Coupon

Kashi has a new cereal out called Honey Sunshine. I have tried a few Kashi products and just love them. This new cereal made with Kashi's unique blend of 7 whole grains and honey.

To receive your $2.00 off coupon for Kashi just fill in this short form and it will be mailed out to you. Limited to Canadian addresses only and one coupon per household. You will receive your coupon in 4 to 6 weeks.

Ingredients in Honey Sunshine Cereal:Organic whole grain yellow corn meal, organic evaporated cane juice syrup, whole wheat flour, seven whole grains & sesame blend (whole: barley, oats, hard red winter wheat, rye, long grain brown rice, triticale, buckwheat, sesame seeds), corn bran, evaporated cane juice crystals, tapioca starch, honey, acacia gum, expeller pressed canola oil, salt, natural flavour, mixed tocopherols (for freshness), soy lecithin, baking soda.

~*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Just sharing some fun info. All opinions are mine.*~

Boudreaux's Butt Paste

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Boudreaux's Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine.

At some point I think all of us have experience the joys (or not so much joys) of our little one(s) having a diaper rash. Have you heard of Boudreaux's Butt Paste?

I have heard nothing but great things about Boudreaux's Butt paste. The only downside to it is I heard about it after having my children and not needing a cream for diaper rash on my children. 

I have heard how quick it helps clean up a rash along with the pleasant smell. If you would like to try it out for yourself, you can get a free sample at Boudreaux's Butt Paste .

Some information on Boudreaux's Butt Paste. It helps treat and prevent diaper rash.

Boudreaux's Butt Paste® was specifically formulated by a pharmacist with direction from a respected pediatrician to provide effective diaper rash care.

Pediatrician recommended. It goes on and cleans off easily, is available in a flip top cap (tubes), andyh travel size and has a pleasant scent.

Skin protectant is 16% Zinc Oxide, Peruvian Balsam, Treats diaper rash and soothes irritated skin.

It has been featured on Oprah Show,Tonight Show,Today Show,People Magazine,ESPN,While You Were Out TLC

There are a lot of convenient sizes available - 1oz, 2oz, 3oz and 4oz tubes, 16oz jar and single foil pack.

Visit Sponsor's Site Free T-Shirt and Contests

We eat a lot of Yogurt at our house. I usually pick up two big tubs a week when grocery shopping. I mostly buy what is on 50% off (you can get some really good deals with the 50% off bins) or on sale. I would say most of the time we buy Astro and really do enjoy it.

Have you checked out You can find great recipe idea's and also promotions that Astro is currently running. Right now there are two promotions;

Receive a Free Dri Fit workout Shirt - (with 6 proofs of purchase) You can also Win 1 of 3 Personalized $1,500 Get Fit packages. Here

Enter to Win a Gift Card from Astro Biobest. Here

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iPhone Wallet

I did it! I finally made a purchase for a new iPhone case. I looked and looked on eBay Canada for hours over the last couple weeks and decided to go with a leather wallet type this time around. It looks like a wallet and inside has a few spots for cards.

I love shopping certain things on eBay and cell phone cases are one of the things. They are really inexpensive, this way you can have a few or just save money! In store a lot of the cases go for about $30, on eBay you can purchase them for $10 or less. Some are more but you can get some for $3. I picked mine up, shipping and exchange for $5.09! Yes, it will take likely two weeks to arrive but it was very inexpensive! The seller has already shipped and I only purchased it yesterday morning.

I will give a review on this and update when it is received.

~*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Just sharing information with you. All opinions are my own.*~

Clairol Nice'n Easy Foam Freebie

Do you color your hair? Clairol Nice'n Easy has a new Foam hair dye that will be out in March 2011 in Canada. If you "Like" Clairol's Facebook page you have the chance to pick up a coupon to try it free. Between 1/24 and 1/27 Clairol is giveaway 100,000 coupons. Head on over at 12:00 EST and click on the Free Foam tab to get your coupon. Only 25,00 a day and they have been going fast! So set your reminder for a great freebie!

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Wordless Wednesday - January 26th, 2011

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Story Time for Me

Story Time for Me is now Free! Head over to Story Time for Me and check out all the great books you can and your children can enjoy together.

There are currently 31 free children's books and there is no need to register or log-in. Just visit their website and click on 'GO TO LIBRARY' button and enjoy.

Each and every month they will be adding new books. If you want to receive an email alert each time a new book is added to their library, there is a section on the website to sign up.

Where to Connect: On Facebook, you will be entered into their monthly raffle to win a multimedia personalized book! Please let them know Canadian Coupon Mom sent you.. Thanks!

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EdenFantasys $25 Gift Card Giveaway!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

The following is for adults only. I have posted a few times about a great company called EdenFantasys. This is an online adult shop who carry a wide array of items from candles, oils, lubricants, lingerie and sex toys.

Please check out the following posts on EdenFantasys

EdenFantasys would like to give one lucky Canadian Coupon Mom a $25 Gift card to buy anything they would like!

Mandatory Entry: Please follow Canadian Coupon Mom on Google Friends Connect. (1 entry) Please complete this entry before any of the extra entries will count. Please include your email address in your comment.

Extra Entries:

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This giveaway is open Worldwide. This giveaway ends on February 6th, 2011 at Midnight EST. One winner will be chosen by on February 7th, 2011 and notified by e-mail. Please respond within 48 hours or a new winner will be selected. Good Luck!

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National Hugging Day

Today is National Hugging Day according to my Oriental Trading Calendar. Don't forget to hug your loved ones even more today!

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Tu B'Shevat

After two years of working in a Jewish environment this is my first time celebrating Tu B'Shevat. For anyone who doesn't know what Tu B'Shevat is here is a bit about it (This is from Judaism 101) :

"Tu B'Shevat, the 15th day of the Jewish month of Shevat, is a holiday also known as the New Year for Trees. The word "Tu" is not really a word; it is the number 15 in Hebrew, as if you were to call the Fourth of July "Iv July" (IV being 4 in Roman numerals).

Tu B'Shevat is the new year for the purpose of calculating the age of trees for tithing. See Lev. 19:23-25, which states that fruit from trees may not be eaten during the first three years; the fourth year's fruit is for G-d, and after that, you can eat the fruit. Each tree is considered to have aged one year as of Tu B'Shevat, so if you planted a tree on Shevat 14, it begins its second year the next day, but if you plant a tree two days later, on Shevat 16, it does not reach its second year until the next Tu B'Shevat.

When you come to the land and you plant any tree, you shall treat its fruit as forbidden; for three years it will be forbidden and not eaten. In the fourth year, all of its fruit shall be sanctified to praise the L-RD. In the fifth year, you may eat its fruit. -Leviticus 19:23-25
There are few customs or observances related to this holiday. One custom is to eat a new fruit on this day, or to eat from the Seven Species (shivat haminim) described in the Bible as being abundant in the land of Israel. The Shivat Haminim are: wheat, barley, grapes (vines), figs, pomegranates, olives and dates (honey) (Deut. 8:8). You can make a nice vegetarian pilaf from the shivat haminim: a bed of cooked bulgar wheat or wheat berries and barley, topped with figs, dates, raisins (grapes), and pomegranate seeds, served with a dressing of olive oil, balsamic vinegar (grapes) and pomegranate juice."

Check out Judaism 101 for more of these references.

Last night we celebrated at the Museum of Nature and took a look at the Earth's beauties, stopped in the cafeteria to have some fruit and grape juice (What we use for our Kiddish (wine)). It was a nice evening.

~*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I did get information from Judaism 101. All opinions are 100% my own.*~

CMT's Working Class- New TV Show Premiere Review

I recently had the opportunity to review the Premiere episode of CMT's new sitcom "Working Class". It airs on CMT January 28th, 2011 at 8:00 pm ET/PT

"WORKING CLASS focuses on Carli Mitchell (Melissa Peterman), a single mom from a rough and tumble background, trying to give her kids a better life by moving them to an upscale suburb. She quickly finds that making the transition to “the good life” is harder than she thought.

She's unwittingly befriended by her cranky neighbor, Hank (Ed Asner), her only “career” prospect is a glorified deli job at the local grocery store, and the man she falls for not only already has a girlfriend – but he’s also her boss, Rob (Patrick Fabian). With her ladies-man brother, Nick (Steve Kazee), to help her out (when he’s not acting like one of the kids himself), Carli faces the challenges of parenting, dating, and making friends in her new community by doing more with less, staying true to herself, and approaching each day with a touch of working class."

Review: I don't want to give anything away but this show is going to be really good. It is great to see it be close to reality of what times can be like especially as a single parent trying to get by and raise a family. Melissa Peterman is funny and does a great job in playing Carli, I loved her on Reba and she will be great on Working Class. I like that she works in Parker Food's deli, since my son's name is Parker. If you were a fan of CMT's Reba you will want to check this out for sure. I am looking forward to the next episode to find out what happens to Carli next. Looks like this will be a fun, lighthearted sitcom for the family.

Where to Connect: Check out CMT for everything Working Class along with Facebook and CMT on Twitter.

~*Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity to review the premiere episode to review on my blog. This review is my personal opinion and by participating in this review through One2One Network I have been entered to win a gift card or a CMT prize pack.*~

Join the McCain Journey

Join in on the fun with McCain Journey. Sign up for their free newsletter, which includes recipes/meal ideas, coupons and promotions, even sign up for product testing!

Thanks Alyssa at A Motherhood Experince for sharing this on your Facebook page.

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Wordless Wednesday - January 19th, 2011

Once again our Swiper boy is missing.. Please come home soon!

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Sponsors Needed

In honour of SAHM's Crazy Life son's 4th Birthday, I am teaming up with her and The Accessory Barn to do a "Boys Birthday Bash" event in March.

I am looking for sponsors for anything "boys" preferable ages 4+ - birthday theme decorations/games/snacks, clothes, gift idea's etc.

If you would be interested in sponsoring a review and/or giveaway please contact me at foreverhealthyaloe at hotmail com. Thanks I look forward to my first "Event" on Canadian Coupon Mom and hope to have many more in 2011!

In addition to the "Boys Birthday Bash". I am interested in having a Mother's and Father's Day events with gift idea's for his and hers in May and June.

~*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own.*~

Bagnetic Coupon Code!

If you missed out during my Bagnetic reusable bag giveaway, check out Bagnetic right now until January 31, 2011, use promo code leadfree and receive 10% off your entire order!

Also check out my interview with Bagnetic's Steve Loureiro.

~*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own.*~

Toggle Bandz Review!

Toggle Bandz was created by Amanda, a stay-at-home military wife, having had found frustrations in market headbands and hair accessories. Amanda's 5 year old daughter has thin fine hair and regular headbands would slip or roll right off her head. Amanda developed Toggle Bandz adjustable headbands. They come in all sizes, widths, colors and themes. Amanda always welcomes custom orders also. Amanda shipped out two bandz for Abby and I to try out.

Review: I was very excited to try Toggle Bandz for both myself and my daughter as we both have thin fine hair. I find it really hard to wear stretchy head bands as they roll off my head and Abby says they are too tight for her. Abby was very excited to see her new Orange headband. She asked me to put it on right away! By the way Abby's all time favorite color is orange at the moment. Abby didn't complain and it was very easy to put on her. All you do is place over head and adjust the little pull string thing and it is on.
I love the look of a ponytail and a headband so that was my first way to wear it. I did have a bit of problems with it slipping but I think that is cause I have a pretty round head. I would readjust a couple times during the day. When wearing my hair down it stays put wonderfully. The bandz stay put on my daughters hair great and it doesn't hurt which is a huge bonus! Abby asks for it every morning to be put in her hair.

Where to Connect: Connect with Amanda on Facebook.

Where to Buy: You can purchase your own Toggle Bandz from their Website they start at $3.00 US and up. Right now until January 31st, 2011 Buy 3 and get 1 FREE.

~*Disclaimer: I received free of charge two Toggle Bandz for review purpose. No other compensated was given. All opinion are 100% my own*~

Kraft Recipe for Joy Review pt 2

A few more recipes from the Kraft Recipe for Joy program reviewed. Abby and I spent the day before Christmas holidays baking while Parker was at school. We baked 3 different things: Chocolate-Raspberry Thumbprints, No-Bake Fruit Balls and Sweet Peanut Brittle.

We started out with the No-Bake Fruit Balls and the Chocolate-Raspberry Thumbprints as they needed to chill in the fridge for abit before rolling them out. When they were chilling we moved on to the Sweet Peanut Brittle. I will admit that I was having problems with it. I didn't think it would be runny enough to put on the cookie sheet so I added abit more corn syrup. I think it would have worked fine without it but I have never made Brittle before. You have to move pretty fast when making it as it hardens are you work. The end result though, YUMMY! I will be making this again and again for sure. It has a nice sweet and salty taste. It got thumbs up all around even from a co-worker! The coating is chocolate and peanut butter, how could anyone go wrong with that combo?

The Chocolate-Raspberry Thumbprints were my next favorite. You make these little guys with cream cheese and melted chocolate in them. Abby and I had fun with making the thumbprints and adding jam. My thumbprint cookies never turn out to be the picture perfect cookie but these did turn out tasty and were easy to make. You should really give them a try. The cream cheese made this one taste very light and fluffy, definitely a soft cookie vs a crispy.
The No-Bake Fruit Balls were my sons favorite by far! He would request one of those at snack time when his sister would like the Chocolate ones. These are very easy to make but time consuming and messy. Mix, Chill, Roll and Dip and there you have a yummy No-bake cookie. They have marshmallows and graham cracker crumbs in the mix along with cherries and rolled in coconut. I wasn't a huge fan of these, they were really messy to make and I just wasn't huge on the taste, I'm not a big coconut fan when they are not baked in something. I would make them again since Parker loved them so much and hubby liked them also.

Hubby took some to work and gave them all out. They had great comments on how tasty all the baked goods were. He didn't get any for himself that day.

Check out my other Kraft Canada post.

~*Disclaimer: I received a gift basket and gift cards from Kraft Canada to review the Recipe for Joy program. All opinion are 100% my own.*~

Blog hopping this weekend

With Luca's Journey, come join in on the fun and also be entered to win a giveaway!

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Update iPhone not working....

Here's the latest on my retail therapy and iPhone not working. I went into the city abit early today to stop by a Virgin outlet. It was indeed my sim card. Something happened to it, have no idea what but the one guy on the phone said it may be fried. I haven't dropped my phone or got it wet. I use it nicely so all I can think of is it was just a crappy sim card from the beginning. With my luck that may just be what it was. While I was getting the sim card changed I asked if I could lower my plan since I'm not using the whole 1G not even close to the 500mb. The girl offered me a better deal on pretty much the same thing I have and also 10 buddies. I'll save at least $10 a month.

They changed my plan and my sim card and away I went. When I got to work I was early and thought I would jump online and send a few texts also. A message kept telling me I was not subscribed to a data plan. I called the store back and they called Virgin. When they called me back to let me know what happened the guy told me that Virgin put me on a blackberry plan. Off the phone goes again but this time they got it right.

Wow, I just can't believe how much trouble it has been to get an iPhone. Now back to case shopping over the weekend. What color should I go for??

~*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own.*~

Valentine's Day and EdenFantasys

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

I know it's only January but I am starting to think about Valentine's Day and what I would like to do with my hubby. I am working of course Valentine's day but I am off the day before. So I have been checking out EdenFantasys to see what I can get to add a little something special to the night. This time around a few things that caught my eye are the massage candles.

EdenFantasys has a great selection of aroma, massage and edible candles. One massage candle I am looking at is called Afterglow by Jimmyjane. It retails for $27.99.  It is also rated Top 10 in popularity! You light this pretty candle which is available in many scents including Dark Vanilla, Cucumber Water, Gingersnap, Grapefruit and a few more. Then when you have some oil melted you then put it in a tray and cool it. Using it for a nice massage with your hunny. Also available are masage rollers and are also available in a kit with this candle.
Afterglow by Jimmyjane
~*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I will be eligiable for a giftcard to EdenFantasys for posting my opinions with are 100% my own. *~

Update on Retail Theraphy

Yesterday I was talking about retail therapy and how I was going to fix my need for it. I searching tons of different cases and couldn't narrow it down before leaving for work. I am really glad I didn't order one just yet.

I was on my way home last night and lost network service. It was around 10:30pm and it is now 8:30 am and I still have No Service! I called the Virgin guys and they answered at 11:30 at night. He had me do a few things with the phone and still no service! I am now to go into a Virgin outlet and see what they can do. He thinks it may be my sim card. You have to be kidding me, after all the trouble I went through just to get this phone. I have only had it since Oct 13th, 2010! I am really regretting the purchase and would like to send it back and pick up a Blackberry from another company.

I am going to head in early to work and see what the people at the Virgin outlet say.. I will keep you all posted on this.

~*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own.*~

Retail Therapy

I am not one for retail therapy anymore. I used to be very bad with it and anytime I was stressed or sad I would shop. I would usually buy on sale but not necessarily what I needed. Usually it would end up in my closet not worn or in a box not used with tags still on it. Then I would have a big Visa/MasterCard bill.

The last couple years I try to only buy what I need and save for the wants. I also look for the best prices. The Internet is a wonderful tool to shop around in the comfort of your own home. Over the years I have found some great deals.

I have been looking for a new iPhone case since the first one I bought was a white one. Why in the world I bought white I don't know. You would think they would clean well but no. It doesn't wipe clean and it looks gross. I have been looking on for another one, maybe this time in black or a hard case not soft this way it can be cleaned. With everything going on I really just want to go shopping really badly. So I have decided since I really would like a nicer case I will pick out a new one and that will be my shopping. Under $10!

There are so many to choose from I am not sure which I will buy.. I'm off to do some browsing and hope to buy one today! I will post when I find one.

~*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own.*~

Wordless Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Sleeping bunnies :)

Cabelas Canada

I don't know about you but my husband loves anything hunting and fishing. We both love Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops. Right now Cabelas Canada has some really great clearance items from socks, to boots, to fishing reels and firearms.

I love these Cushe Women's Navajo Boot (I think I have a boot obsession! Yikes) These are regular $149.99 on sale right now for $89.99!

~*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own.*~


The winner of the Bagnetic Bag family pack is...............

Comment #60 Christine said...

I follow Bagnetic on twitter - ChristineD22

Congratulations Christine! I have sent out an email to you. Please respond in 48 hrs (Jan 12th, 9am) Thanks! I would like to thank everyone who entered and those of you who are following my blog! You guys make it possible for great giveaways :) 

~*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I did receive a complimentary product to do a review and giveaway. All opinions are 100% my own.*~

Crazy Weekend!

Wow did I ever have a crazy weekend! Friday night was going pretty good, as planned pretty much. Then I learnt how dangerous candles really can be after all the times my father told me to be careful with my candles in my bedroom when I was a teenager. I also learnt that I can react well in a crisis. The whole scenario I can't really get into but let's just say that candles will catch fire quickly to anything plastic or wood and it will produce big flames. I was called and responded as fast as I could, grabbing the fire extinguisher, putting out the fire and calling 911 at the same time. The fire department came and cleared out all the smoke that came from the fire which was a lot. They told me I did a great job with the fire extinguisher, which is great as I know how to use one but have never actually used one. I hope this is the first and last time I will need to use one! Next week I will be going out to purchase two for my house, one for the basement and one for the main floor. You can never be too safe.

My next part of my crazy weekend happened on my way to work on Saturday around 12pm. I was driving in and out came a deer jumping across the road. I started to slow down but then realize I may just hit the poor thing so I hit my brakes to a halt with a squeal. I was just meters from this deer as it continued on across the road and into the field. Thank god for new snow tires and new brakes! It scared me half to death.

Later on during my Saturday shift the two guys were on and off the phone, it rang and then one would pick it up. A couple minutes later it rang again. Then I heard one dial and hang up. The phone rang again this time I overheard this one guy giving out his name and address. I thought it was a telemarketer or something. So I asked him who he was talking to and he handed me the phone. I said hello and was greeted by a 911 dispatcher. He asked if everything was okay since they got a call and someone hung up. I let them know that it was one of the men who live in a group home for people with developmental disabilities and they said they would still send out the police. About 10 minutes later two officers came in to say hi and see if everything was okay. The rest of the night went well but neither would admit to calling 911.

I drove home Saturday night okay no issues until I wasn’t even 5 minutes from my house and this bunny darts out in front of me. Again I brake and just miss this bunny hopping back and forth, I finally figure it’s gone and I start driving again. Just as I start driving the bunny darts out in front of me yet again and then back again but not to the other side of the street he continues up the middle of the road. I think this bunny had a death wish and I didn’t answer him! Poor little guy hope he doesn’t try that again he may not be so lucky.

Sunday was much better and really quiet, I hope the week is the same and no more craziness!

~*Disclaimer: All opinions are 100% my own*~

Biggest Loser Workout Freebie

Here is a fun freebie to get you moving on your New Years resolution. A little workout mix called The Biggest Loser Wake Up and Workout. It consists of 6 tracks from various artist like Black Eyed Peas and Nelly. All you do is enter your email address and you can download your own free copy. Get your free Biggest Loser CD now.

I also posted back in May 2010 about the Biggest Loser Vol. 2 workout CD here. This CD is also still available for free. Enjoy :)

~*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own.*~

New Years Resolutions

Okay, most of the time I say "nope, not this year. I don't want to make any New Years resolutions." Well this year I am going to make some. More like personal goals then New Years resolutions. Like every other person on there, I want to get healthier. So here they are with the right to tweak them if need be :)

1. Get Moving: Okay, I have heard my doctor over and over again. "You need to exercise. Go for a run, do yoga or Pilate's or go snow shoeing." So I am going to start with: I need to aim to get on the Wii (any exercise game that I have and I have a few) at least once of a week for the month of February. Remember baby steps is the best way to get going. When I think of trying to squeeze in one more thing in my day or week I cringe.

2. Take a course:I have been thinking over the last year that I would like to get into food services. I would like to take the Safe Food Handlers Certificate. I would also be very interested in taking a cake decorating class or learning online to decorate cakes with my friend Stephanie. No more talking girl, lets just do it!

3. Find balance:I need to find a better balance between work and family. I am away from home WAY too much for my liking and I miss my family! I'm still working this one out, but I am hoping by the summer I will find where I am going.

4. Blogging: I found the blog world last summer when I was at a super stressed time in my work life. I love blogging. I've never really been a writer but I am really enjoying this. I have a personal goal to work more on my blog, learn how to personalize the background, make buttons etc. I love reviewing products and sharing it with my readers. I hope to continue reviewing and do a lot more giveaways. I really want to keep my blog personal and not only reviews and giveaways (even though they are a lot of fun). I am aiming to blog a lot more, closer to daily more than weekly.

This is all for now, but I know I will come up with more soon enough.

~*Disclaimer: All opinions are 100% my own*~

Blogging on the go

How do you all blog? iPhone, laptop desktop. I have been looking on eBay for a notebook/Netbook whatever they may be called. What would you suggest?

I'm out and about a lot. Even when I'm home I like to be in the same room as my kids but that means no blogging or answering emails as our computer is in our bedroom. I have my iPhone after all the hassle but I am looking for something more on the lines of a laptop. I am also trying to stay within a smaller budget since this will be more of a toy for mommy and the iPhone was a big expense.

I like to blog during the day when my kids are watching a movie or it would be nice out when your waiting for an appointment or something. I would love to squeeze in more blogging time :) 

I would love to hear about how you blog! Give me some pointers and tips on blogging on the go. Is there a good program to use on the iPhone?


~*Disclaimer: All opinions are 100% my own*~

Old El Paso Coupon

With the New Year underway and a lot of peoples New Years resolution is to eat healthy here is a great coupon for the New Smart Fiesta Old El Paso. This is made with whole grains, fibre and less sodium then the regular Old El Paso. Get your coupon HERE.

~*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own.*~

Wordless Wednesday - January 5th, 2011

OXY Natural Action Review

So let's face it we all get pimples at one time or another. Some get lots and pretty bad and the lucky ones get only a few here or there. In high school I was lucky to be the one who only had the small ones around the jaw bone and then stress ones. The stress ones though can be the worst as they are big and stand right out! Now I still get break outs but it's far fewer and it's mostly stress related.

I am always on the look out for great cleansers. I have sensitive skin and it can really dry out in areas during the winter months. I was asked if I would be interested in trying out the new OXY Natural Action line which includes a Daily Cleanser, Acne Treatment Serum and Oil Absorbing lotion.

The new OXY Natural Action line is made with natural ingredients like seaweed extract and tea tree oil. It is available in a simple 3-step process, each product works in 4-ways to remove, refresh, restore and replenish skin back to its natural beauty.

First you wash with OXY Natural Action Daily Facial Cleanser which gently washes skin clear of acne. The wash contains a breakthrough ingredient - all natural Seaweed Extract that works in combination with Salicylic Acid that penetrates deep into pores providing a unique 4 way action:

Remove: Removes excess oil and dead skin
Refresh: Unclogs pores to oxygenate the skin and help it breathe
Restore: Clears skin of breakouts
Replenish: Hydrates to prevent over drying

Follow with OXY Natural Action Acne Treatment Serum which effectively treats blackheads, blemishes and prevents new breakouts. The Action Acne Treatment Serum also works in 4-ways to clear skin of acne:

Remove: Absorbs excess oil on skin
Refresh: Unclogs pores to oxygenate the skin and help it breathe
Restore: Fights blackheads and blemishes
Replenish: Protects skin against roughness due to drying

Then finish up with OXY Natural Action Oil Absorbing Lotion which helps regulate and control excess oil to prevent future breakouts. This unique formula contains shine control and absorbs excess oil on skin, while containing moisturizing ingredients flax seed oil and olive oil, which are high in Omega-3 and 6 to encourage thinning of the oily sebum that clogs pores leaving your skin looking clear. Natural Action Oil Absorbing Lotion works in conjunction with all-natural Seaweed Extract that works in 4-ways:

Remove: Controls excess oil on skin
Refresh: Unclogs pores to oxygenate the skin and help it breathe
Restore: Improves skin tone for a smooth and even looking complexion
Replenish: Hydrates to lock in and maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier

Review: I had the chance to review the whole new OXY Natural Action cleansing system. I am very impressed with how the cleanser feels and smells when using it. I also feels great going on your skins. It's pretty thick cleanser and a little goes a long way. The cleanser didn't dry out my skin at all, it seemed to have hydrate it very well. I have combination skin and get dry patches near my nose in the winter and the cleanser and lotion has helped me out with this a lot. The lotion is very smooth and hydrates also. The only downside I found to using the new OXY Natural Action is that it took a lot longer to get rid of my stubborn stress pimples. It has helped keep new pimples away! That in my opinion is a big bonus. I would recommend this to people if you are not prone to many pimples, just a few here and there. I really love the cleanser and use it twice a day with no problems. Most acne products dry out the pimples versus hydrating the skin and that is why I think they get the stubborn pimples gone a lot faster than this product did for me.  

Get the Coupon: Fill in some information about yourself and receive a printable coupon for OXY

How to Connect: Visit OXY on their Website and on Facebook.

~*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I did receive complimentary products to use for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own*~

Money Smart Mom: Financially Fit Parenting

I received a email over night about this great Canadian offer on a book called Money $mart Mom: Financially Fit Parenting by Sarah Deveau. Sarah is from Western Canada and has three little girls, Sarah has also written another book called Sink or Swim: Get Your Degree Without Drowning. You can read more about Sarah on her Blog.

You can also purchase Money $mart Mom: Financially Fit Parenting for 50% off until January 10, 2011. The cost right now is $12.47(plus free shipping!)

~*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. For posting I have the chance to win 5 copies to giveaway to my readers.*~

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a great New Years Eve! Have you made any New Years resolutions?

I am still thinking about it. I don't usually make any and if I do I don't usually stick with them. So I will make more short term goals for the year or wants, then see what happens from there. I will post my goals when I figure them out and this may be a better way of reaching them since everyone will know them.

Sinus fun

This month has been very crazy busy with work, getting ready for Christmas, regular chores around the house, and finding "me" time which is usually spending time blogging or reading blogs. I have also spent almost the whole month of December battling a sinus problem. It really started with a BIG headache in the front of my face, nose and cheek area. Then on the third day it felt like I had fluid running from my nose, to my ear and then my throat. It was the worst feeling. So off I went that night after work to the Emergency room to see what was going on with my head.

The doctor checked me all out and said I had a Retracted eardrum and it could be from a sinus infection or a "wonky" cold starting. Hmm really a "wonky" cold. He sent me on my way saying if it doesn't go away in a week or so go to my family doctor or come back to the ER. It was suppose to just clear up on its own. It did go mostly away in about a week and a half. I felt a lot better over Christmas which was wonderful but then Wednesday morning I could hardly wake up and my head again was pounding hard. Oh no! So I went into work again of course. I could barely function, if I would move too fast I would feel like I was going to throw up and I needed sleep big time.

Thursday I bite the bullet and called in sick. I waited until 9pm and headed back to the ER (my family doctor is on holidays of course!). This time around I got a good doctor. I've had her once before. She took one look and poke at my face and said "You still have a retracted eardrum and your sinus' are full." She asked me how long it's been going on and then said that's too long to go without antibiotics. The doctor prescribed some heavy duty antibiotics, salt water rinse four times a day, hot liquids hourly and steam on my face at least twice a day. She also put me off work Thursday and Friday for some rest and to be able to get started on this stuff she wanted me to do.

Now I am beginning day four of being off work and day three of the antibiotics, which I want to say put me to bed feeling really nausea on New Years eve! I spent New Years sleeping by 7pm! What a way to ring in the New Year. Oh well never was a huge New Years person anyways.

After a few days on antibiotics my head isn't pounding anymore, I do still have pressure in my check bones and nose but I don't feel as sick anymore and much more rested up. Here's hoping by Monday I will be in much better shape as I will be heading back into work. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that after Wednesday I will be feeling 100% better. This has not been a fun way to end 2010 or start 2011.


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