Update iPhone not working....

Here's the latest on my retail therapy and iPhone not working. I went into the city abit early today to stop by a Virgin outlet. It was indeed my sim card. Something happened to it, have no idea what but the one guy on the phone said it may be fried. I haven't dropped my phone or got it wet. I use it nicely so all I can think of is it was just a crappy sim card from the beginning. With my luck that may just be what it was. While I was getting the sim card changed I asked if I could lower my plan since I'm not using the whole 1G not even close to the 500mb. The girl offered me a better deal on pretty much the same thing I have and also 10 buddies. I'll save at least $10 a month.

They changed my plan and my sim card and away I went. When I got to work I was early and thought I would jump online and send a few texts also. A message kept telling me I was not subscribed to a data plan. I called the store back and they called Virgin. When they called me back to let me know what happened the guy told me that Virgin put me on a blackberry plan. Off the phone goes again but this time they got it right.

Wow, I just can't believe how much trouble it has been to get an iPhone. Now back to case shopping over the weekend. What color should I go for??

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