Kraft Recipe for Joy Review pt 2

A few more recipes from the Kraft Recipe for Joy program reviewed. Abby and I spent the day before Christmas holidays baking while Parker was at school. We baked 3 different things: Chocolate-Raspberry Thumbprints, No-Bake Fruit Balls and Sweet Peanut Brittle.

We started out with the No-Bake Fruit Balls and the Chocolate-Raspberry Thumbprints as they needed to chill in the fridge for abit before rolling them out. When they were chilling we moved on to the Sweet Peanut Brittle. I will admit that I was having problems with it. I didn't think it would be runny enough to put on the cookie sheet so I added abit more corn syrup. I think it would have worked fine without it but I have never made Brittle before. You have to move pretty fast when making it as it hardens are you work. The end result though, YUMMY! I will be making this again and again for sure. It has a nice sweet and salty taste. It got thumbs up all around even from a co-worker! The coating is chocolate and peanut butter, how could anyone go wrong with that combo?

The Chocolate-Raspberry Thumbprints were my next favorite. You make these little guys with cream cheese and melted chocolate in them. Abby and I had fun with making the thumbprints and adding jam. My thumbprint cookies never turn out to be the picture perfect cookie but these did turn out tasty and were easy to make. You should really give them a try. The cream cheese made this one taste very light and fluffy, definitely a soft cookie vs a crispy.
The No-Bake Fruit Balls were my sons favorite by far! He would request one of those at snack time when his sister would like the Chocolate ones. These are very easy to make but time consuming and messy. Mix, Chill, Roll and Dip and there you have a yummy No-bake cookie. They have marshmallows and graham cracker crumbs in the mix along with cherries and rolled in coconut. I wasn't a huge fan of these, they were really messy to make and I just wasn't huge on the taste, I'm not a big coconut fan when they are not baked in something. I would make them again since Parker loved them so much and hubby liked them also.

Hubby took some to work and gave them all out. They had great comments on how tasty all the baked goods were. He didn't get any for himself that day.

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~*Disclaimer: I received a gift basket and gift cards from Kraft Canada to review the Recipe for Joy program. All opinion are 100% my own.*~


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