Crazy Weekend!

Wow did I ever have a crazy weekend! Friday night was going pretty good, as planned pretty much. Then I learnt how dangerous candles really can be after all the times my father told me to be careful with my candles in my bedroom when I was a teenager. I also learnt that I can react well in a crisis. The whole scenario I can't really get into but let's just say that candles will catch fire quickly to anything plastic or wood and it will produce big flames. I was called and responded as fast as I could, grabbing the fire extinguisher, putting out the fire and calling 911 at the same time. The fire department came and cleared out all the smoke that came from the fire which was a lot. They told me I did a great job with the fire extinguisher, which is great as I know how to use one but have never actually used one. I hope this is the first and last time I will need to use one! Next week I will be going out to purchase two for my house, one for the basement and one for the main floor. You can never be too safe.

My next part of my crazy weekend happened on my way to work on Saturday around 12pm. I was driving in and out came a deer jumping across the road. I started to slow down but then realize I may just hit the poor thing so I hit my brakes to a halt with a squeal. I was just meters from this deer as it continued on across the road and into the field. Thank god for new snow tires and new brakes! It scared me half to death.

Later on during my Saturday shift the two guys were on and off the phone, it rang and then one would pick it up. A couple minutes later it rang again. Then I heard one dial and hang up. The phone rang again this time I overheard this one guy giving out his name and address. I thought it was a telemarketer or something. So I asked him who he was talking to and he handed me the phone. I said hello and was greeted by a 911 dispatcher. He asked if everything was okay since they got a call and someone hung up. I let them know that it was one of the men who live in a group home for people with developmental disabilities and they said they would still send out the police. About 10 minutes later two officers came in to say hi and see if everything was okay. The rest of the night went well but neither would admit to calling 911.

I drove home Saturday night okay no issues until I wasn’t even 5 minutes from my house and this bunny darts out in front of me. Again I brake and just miss this bunny hopping back and forth, I finally figure it’s gone and I start driving again. Just as I start driving the bunny darts out in front of me yet again and then back again but not to the other side of the street he continues up the middle of the road. I think this bunny had a death wish and I didn’t answer him! Poor little guy hope he doesn’t try that again he may not be so lucky.

Sunday was much better and really quiet, I hope the week is the same and no more craziness!

~*Disclaimer: All opinions are 100% my own*~

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  1. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Wow what a crazy weekend you had! I knew about the bunny, you mentioned it on fb but I didnt know about the fire, the crank call or the deer incidents! You're a tough mama to go through all that and still be able to write a blog post about it LOL Good post :)


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