OXY Natural Action Review

So let's face it we all get pimples at one time or another. Some get lots and pretty bad and the lucky ones get only a few here or there. In high school I was lucky to be the one who only had the small ones around the jaw bone and then stress ones. The stress ones though can be the worst as they are big and stand right out! Now I still get break outs but it's far fewer and it's mostly stress related.

I am always on the look out for great cleansers. I have sensitive skin and it can really dry out in areas during the winter months. I was asked if I would be interested in trying out the new OXY Natural Action line which includes a Daily Cleanser, Acne Treatment Serum and Oil Absorbing lotion.

The new OXY Natural Action line is made with natural ingredients like seaweed extract and tea tree oil. It is available in a simple 3-step process, each product works in 4-ways to remove, refresh, restore and replenish skin back to its natural beauty.

First you wash with OXY Natural Action Daily Facial Cleanser which gently washes skin clear of acne. The wash contains a breakthrough ingredient - all natural Seaweed Extract that works in combination with Salicylic Acid that penetrates deep into pores providing a unique 4 way action:

Remove: Removes excess oil and dead skin
Refresh: Unclogs pores to oxygenate the skin and help it breathe
Restore: Clears skin of breakouts
Replenish: Hydrates to prevent over drying

Follow with OXY Natural Action Acne Treatment Serum which effectively treats blackheads, blemishes and prevents new breakouts. The Action Acne Treatment Serum also works in 4-ways to clear skin of acne:

Remove: Absorbs excess oil on skin
Refresh: Unclogs pores to oxygenate the skin and help it breathe
Restore: Fights blackheads and blemishes
Replenish: Protects skin against roughness due to drying

Then finish up with OXY Natural Action Oil Absorbing Lotion which helps regulate and control excess oil to prevent future breakouts. This unique formula contains shine control and absorbs excess oil on skin, while containing moisturizing ingredients flax seed oil and olive oil, which are high in Omega-3 and 6 to encourage thinning of the oily sebum that clogs pores leaving your skin looking clear. Natural Action Oil Absorbing Lotion works in conjunction with all-natural Seaweed Extract that works in 4-ways:

Remove: Controls excess oil on skin
Refresh: Unclogs pores to oxygenate the skin and help it breathe
Restore: Improves skin tone for a smooth and even looking complexion
Replenish: Hydrates to lock in and maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier

Review: I had the chance to review the whole new OXY Natural Action cleansing system. I am very impressed with how the cleanser feels and smells when using it. I also feels great going on your skins. It's pretty thick cleanser and a little goes a long way. The cleanser didn't dry out my skin at all, it seemed to have hydrate it very well. I have combination skin and get dry patches near my nose in the winter and the cleanser and lotion has helped me out with this a lot. The lotion is very smooth and hydrates also. The only downside I found to using the new OXY Natural Action is that it took a lot longer to get rid of my stubborn stress pimples. It has helped keep new pimples away! That in my opinion is a big bonus. I would recommend this to people if you are not prone to many pimples, just a few here and there. I really love the cleanser and use it twice a day with no problems. Most acne products dry out the pimples versus hydrating the skin and that is why I think they get the stubborn pimples gone a lot faster than this product did for me.  

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~*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I did receive complimentary products to use for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own*~


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