Sinus fun

This month has been very crazy busy with work, getting ready for Christmas, regular chores around the house, and finding "me" time which is usually spending time blogging or reading blogs. I have also spent almost the whole month of December battling a sinus problem. It really started with a BIG headache in the front of my face, nose and cheek area. Then on the third day it felt like I had fluid running from my nose, to my ear and then my throat. It was the worst feeling. So off I went that night after work to the Emergency room to see what was going on with my head.

The doctor checked me all out and said I had a Retracted eardrum and it could be from a sinus infection or a "wonky" cold starting. Hmm really a "wonky" cold. He sent me on my way saying if it doesn't go away in a week or so go to my family doctor or come back to the ER. It was suppose to just clear up on its own. It did go mostly away in about a week and a half. I felt a lot better over Christmas which was wonderful but then Wednesday morning I could hardly wake up and my head again was pounding hard. Oh no! So I went into work again of course. I could barely function, if I would move too fast I would feel like I was going to throw up and I needed sleep big time.

Thursday I bite the bullet and called in sick. I waited until 9pm and headed back to the ER (my family doctor is on holidays of course!). This time around I got a good doctor. I've had her once before. She took one look and poke at my face and said "You still have a retracted eardrum and your sinus' are full." She asked me how long it's been going on and then said that's too long to go without antibiotics. The doctor prescribed some heavy duty antibiotics, salt water rinse four times a day, hot liquids hourly and steam on my face at least twice a day. She also put me off work Thursday and Friday for some rest and to be able to get started on this stuff she wanted me to do.

Now I am beginning day four of being off work and day three of the antibiotics, which I want to say put me to bed feeling really nausea on New Years eve! I spent New Years sleeping by 7pm! What a way to ring in the New Year. Oh well never was a huge New Years person anyways.

After a few days on antibiotics my head isn't pounding anymore, I do still have pressure in my check bones and nose but I don't feel as sick anymore and much more rested up. Here's hoping by Monday I will be in much better shape as I will be heading back into work. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that after Wednesday I will be feeling 100% better. This has not been a fun way to end 2010 or start 2011.



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