iPhone Wallet

I did it! I finally made a purchase for a new iPhone case. I looked and looked on eBay Canada for hours over the last couple weeks and decided to go with a leather wallet type this time around. It looks like a wallet and inside has a few spots for cards.

I love shopping certain things on eBay and cell phone cases are one of the things. They are really inexpensive, this way you can have a few or just save money! In store a lot of the cases go for about $30, on eBay you can purchase them for $10 or less. Some are more but you can get some for $3. I picked mine up, shipping and exchange for $5.09! Yes, it will take likely two weeks to arrive but it was very inexpensive! The seller has already shipped and I only purchased it yesterday morning.

I will give a review on this and update when it is received.

~*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Just sharing information with you. All opinions are my own.*~

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  1. Holy cow that's cheap! Gotta love eBay for accessories! I've seen cases similar at best buy for over 35$ like you said. It's insane you have to shop around like that or the big stores rip you right off! Good savvy shopping coupon mom! :D


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