Happy Ending

We have 3 cats, all from the same cat family but all very different. They are all brown tabbies though. Their names are Marty, Swiper and Annabell. Swiper and Marty are the two boys and they love to be outside. We have one neighbor who I don't think likes cats too much but he sister in law has 3. The cat lady we will call her "B", She lives across the road from us. The sister in law who lives a couple houses down from us, we will call her "W" she has a dog.

Well Swiper is noisy we are told from "B" and she doesn't like it. "W" has already taken a cat from our place and put it at the animal shelter. By the time we found out, she was up for adoption even though she had a Micro Chip. So last Tuesday night Swiper didn't come in. No big deal he would be back in the morning. Morning came, no Swiper. The days went by still no Swiper. I worked all weekend and we didn't see the cat. On Monday morning I called our Animal shelter to see if he turned up. The lady said there was a nice friendly brown tabby picked up from our area that was told to have been a stray for a long time. So I packed up the kids and we went to find out if it was our Swiper. We got there and it was indeed Swiper who was SOOO happy to see up he almost knocked Abby over. The lady who brought the cat in said he was sooo vicious and attacked her big dog to the point she had to take him to the vet. But keep in mind she was able to catch him to take him in to the shelter. I had to pay to get my cat back! This lady will pay, she has done this with our other cat and another neighbors cat about a year ago. Revenge is a B*T@H! Two little children missed their loving cat that you will pay! In our town it's against By-Law to have your cat leave your property, so from now on I guess we will have to harness our cats up and hope they don't hang themselves. This gives me one more push towards the country and out of our township which royally sucks with all the rules and people who live here!


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