Soccer & a Birthday

Four years ago Sunday I was in the hospital having my first baby, a 9lb 12oz baby boy! Now he says he is a BIG boy and he is big and strong. Happy Birthday Parker! Wow does time ever fly! In September he will be heading off to JK. A bit of me is soo excited to see him off to his first day of school, knowing that he is going to love it but another bit of me is sad since he isn't a baby anymore.

Saturday Parker had his meet and greet for soccer. He is on the Red team and was able to choose his jersey number. He decided to be #3. Last night was the first game! The red team did great! there are no losing team but the red team has a lot of good players. At first Parker was just chasing the kids but after abit he got the hang of it and was actually kicking the ball! I will get pictures up as soon I as I get them on the computer. I need to reinstall photoshop.



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