Early mornings

Another early morning! 3 in a row. This isn't usual for me in the past two years. Normally I can barely move before 8am unless I HAVE to for the kids or work. I've been to my Dr. a few times in the last two years complaining of being more tired than I should be. VERY TIRED, and yes I have a crazy job which I commute and 2 lovely children but I wasn't this tired after having my second and being up every morning at 5am driving DH to work and then hanging out with two babies all day. I would go to bed around 10 or 11. So my Dr. then referred me to a sleep lab in another city. So I attend a pre-sleep lab visit and the Dr. there feels I should attend the sleep lab as I may in fact have some kind of sleeping problem :( i'm hoping not but a little of me is hoping I do so there is actually a reason behind my being tired, instead of just life! Since that will be abit hard to change.

Yesterday I was up early so that I was ready for my day to start early. My friend Steph had asked me if I could watch her two lil ones yesterday while she was at work. Her children are ages 6 and 3. Our children get along great! it's soo cute to watch them all play. The girls are now finally at that age where they are actually playing together. They love playing house and puzzles! I forgot my oldest had daycare so I was hoping it wasn't going to be a fight to get him there. He showed me how he is such a big boy now and went with a smile! After dropping DS off the other 3 and I headed out to the park for a morning of play! It was a great day and I think I would actually consider daycaring if most of the days would go that way.

After watching the kids all day I went in to work til 10pm, it was a great home to work at which makes for a nice night. One of my supervisors called to ask me if I was willing to do her a favor. The favor is to work in her program for the next two weeks. The downside to it is being all day shifts. 8-3's and 7-3's. It will be nice to be home in the evenings for a couple weeks to have more time with DH but I will miss that time going to the park or beach with the kids. It is only for two weeks and my other option was to go back to the rover position since the position I had gotten in june is cancelled :( I guess I can deal for a couple weeks.

I found the bear and sun set picture on First People they have great aboriginal pictures, if you get a chance you should check it out.


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