Oliver's Labels

Oliver's Labels is a great Canadian based company who sells Clothing, Waterproof, Safety bands, Bag tags, Shoe labels, Photo labels and Kosher Kitchen Labels. They are available separately or in a package - Starter, Preschool, Clothing, School and Camp. Available in Many prints also.

Oliver's Labels has a great unique feature that can be added to your labels free of charge if you would like it. It's called the Found-it Tracking System. It's a unique number added to your labels that connects the article to you when lost. If the article is found the person who found it is directed to follow a link and then prompted to enter the unique number. Which then in return Oliver's Labels will match you to your Found-it tracking system code and send you a notification email. Oliver’s Labels acts as an intermediary between you and the finder so you never have to share any of your personal information!

I have signed up to be an agent with Oliver's Labels and I would love for you to check my site out for all your labelling needs! Please visit my site Here! For orders over $30 shipping is free! If you would like free shipping but do not want to order $30 at the moment. I will be placing an order in the next week, I would be more than happy to combine your order with mine for free shipping! Please email me at foreverhealthaloe (at) hotmail (dot) com

Edit Sept 3rd - not sure why but links are not working if you would like to check out my agent site please go to I will work on the links over the weekend. Thanks for your patience


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