Harris House Teas Review

My little girl loves having a tea party with her dolls, teddy and her best friend S. What makes a tea party better? Real tea for the little girls. I have recently discovered a Tea business within Canada, actually within Ontario who sells a wide range of teas. All natural loose leaf teas: Black, white, green, organic, tradition herbs, chai, decaffeinated, matcha, herb and fruit, rooibos, estate, blooming artisan and English and breakfast. I didn't know there are so many different kinds until I visited Harris House Teas.

Harris House Teas was started by Tanya Harris to prepare herself in being a "stay at home" mom. Tanya wanted to have her children see that you never give up on any dreams. Tanya's dream has been to own her own tea room some day. Tanya is currently expecting her first child in August and is excited to have the opportunity to try and work from home raising her children all the while working towards her tea room. Tanya says "it all happens one step at a time but a journey of a thousand miles cannot be made without taking the first steps, or first sip."

I would like to tell you more about the Herb & Fruit tea as this has become a huge favorite in our house. Harris Teas offers 5 different kinds of Herb & Fruit teas these are a great alternative to sugary drinks. These teas have no sugar and are chocked full of vitamin C. The teas are great either warm or as an iced tea. What better way to spend a warm day then having a little picnic and enjoying some fresh natural iced tea. 

Choose from Harris House Teas Five different Herb & Fruit Teas:

Tropical Rainbow: a nice blend of orange and pineapple.  Luxury natural dried apple pieces, Natural dried Orange, Hibiscus, Rosehip, Natural flavors.

Bumblebeelicious: lively, bright and full of energy. Luxury natural dried apple, Rosehip, Hibiscus, Natural dried orange, Cornflower, Rose petals, Blackberry leaves, Natural flavors. 

Cranberry Apple: Full flavored and pungent with a rich fruity character. Try our custom blending service and add Mekong Cinnamon or a few cloves for an exotic mulled spiced tea. Luxury natural dried apple pieces, Hibiscus, Rosehip, Natural flavors.

Teddy Bear Picnic: A terrific tasting tea for kids. A candy-like caramel flavor gives natural sweetness with berries for depth and flavor. Rich in Vitamin C.Luxury natural dried apple pieces, Hibiscus, Rosehip, Natural dried orange peel, Elderberries, Natural dried black currants, Rose petals, Calendula petals, Cornflower petals, Red Thistle, Natural flavors. 

Secret Garden Berry: Wildberry currant and fruity, tending sweet with a slight tart character. A must for a childrens' tea party. Rich in Vitamin C. Try serving as popsicles for a hot summer treat. Luxury natural dried apple pieces, Hibiscus, Rosehip, Cornflower petals, Natural dried currants, Elderberries, Natural flavors.

You can purchase all these great teas in either a bag or tin in either 50g or 100g ranging from $4.99 to $10.23 plus shipping but Harris House Teas does offer free shipping from time to time if you spend $60. If you don't want to spend $60 the easiest way I find is to get a few friends together and put in a big order together. 

Visit Harris House Teas to see all the great choices of teas available. Also visit them on Twitter and Facebook.
Our experience with Harris House Teas has been great from the very beginning. This lovely package arrived that smelled so tasty. I am sure my neighbors were wondering how come their mail smelled so good.The chocolate lovers tea is divine, very nice flavors not over powering at all. The teddy bear picnic was very fun with the kids especially A as we had a tea party together with her baby dolls. The customer service was also great with Tanya and the shipping was super fast.

~*Disclaimer: This post has been written by Canadian Coupon Mom on behalf of Harris House Teas. I did receive two packs of tea and a tea infuser for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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