Lost Dragon by Abraham Williams - Book Review

Book Description:

Joseph Nathaniel is running from his old life in America, searching for a chance at a new life abroad when an unexpected encounter changes his life forever; putting him on a collision course with a mystical being waiting for a mortal partner to restore a long-lost heritage. Meanwhile, an ancient enemy has seized power in Japan after destroying a once-powerful rival clan. Joseph's journey earns him a chance at a life he could never imagine, promising great rewards while pushing him into an all-but-forgotten rivalry endangering him and the ones he has come to love.
Lost Dragon takes the reader into a world of honor and corruption, magic and technology, antiquity and modernity, where two cultures and view points collide in a post-modern world. 
Join Joseph Nathaniel on a journey of adventure and discovery as he learns about himself and a world hidden from the eyes of most outsiders.

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Connect with the Author:
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Author Bio:
Abraham Williams is a new author who was born in Texas. He spent many years in the military where he traveled Europe. Currently he resides in Texas and loves reading a variety of authors but tends to favor Sci-Fi. He plans to publish more of his works when they are ready. He is now trying different genres on for size to see how each one feels with his writing style.

Book Review by Carmen:
I enjoyed reading about the culture of Japan, along with the myths and legends. Sometimes the characters got a little bit confusing for me; the ending makes me wonder if there will be a sequel to this novel. Those that enjoy action will like this book; I ended up giving this book a four star rating and got a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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