My Health Journey Continues........

Over the last four years I have been on a health and fitness journey. I did great when I got serious about dropping weight and getting fit. Over the years I have also been working on my mental health, realizing a lot of things over the years really harmed my mental health which then wrecked havoc with my physical health. I started working out hardcore back in August of 2014. I started to decrease my calories in and started eating a cleaner diet. In March of 2015 I hit it hard and actually got super strict with my food intake and did some carb cycling. For the first time in my life I didn't really have love handles it was awesome. It also gave me more mental strength to leave my toxic relationship and realize I didn't need to stay in that situation any longer and my kids and I deserved so much better.  I went super determined to get my life together and get out. During 2016 was a really tough time, left my ex while trying to stay friends with him and keep things good for the kids, got my house together to put it on the real estate market and spent sometime finding myself and enjoying life. All this go go go wrecked more havoc on my physical and mental state and found myself becoming super tired and lacking the energy to continue. PTSD and anxiety was really holding on and I kept trying to fight back only to get more tired. I then decided that I needed to go to a naturopath and see what really was going on with my body. 

The "fit" Genuine Jenn in 2016! Starting my running back then and working out daily with HIIT workouts

The fall of 2016 and into 2017 I suffered with Adrenal Fatigue. I was put on a ton of supplements, given a diet plan to follow and told to rest whenever I needed to and that was A LOT.  Slowly I gained weight because I couldn't workout, I would have to force myself to get out and walk only to come back home to sleep. I started eating comfort food because I was stressed over being so tired and angry that I was tired and gaining weight. When I started to feel better I was now back eating junk, still eating clean more than 70% of the time but I was drinking wine and beer and eating complex carbs. My Dr and Naturopath both suggested I start eating a hunter-gatherer type diet. I tried to eat clean and did well for awhile then would eat out and fall off. 

Fast forward to now, June 2018 I am back mentally on getting healthy and fit. I am working on eating to fuel my body with clean food and healing my hormones and the pain that I have been experiencing. I have tendinitis in my right rotator cuff and have been experiencing extreme hip pain. I have a Dr. appointment later this month to see what is happening with my hip. 

After the Adrenal Fatigue, eating out and being happy. I can actually run longer than I could two years ago so to me I am more "fit" even with the added weight.

I have been running since last fall and working towards running a half marathon in a year. I have been getting real sleep! I actually sleep through the night most nights now. This was a huge thing in the past. I wouldn't sleep a full night and wouldn't feel rested in the am. I am slowly working in other workouts but they have been mainly cardio due to my shoulder. I will start adding in two weight training workouts a week very soon. One of my daily goals is to get 10,000 steps a day, a combo of walking and jogging. I don't run everyday but I am working back up to 3 to 4 times a week. 

My husband and I are on this journey together and I couldn't be happier with the support he has given me over the last two years. He has been there for me through it all, my good days and the really hard bad days. I will check in here with my workouts and eating to share how we are doing. 

Until then, be happy! 


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