Grace in Mombasa by T N Traynor - Book Review

Book Description:

Inspired by true events. Betrayal and loss, romance and heartbreak, and one woman’s journey in faith.
From the day she was born, Grace Clifton has navigated a life of loss and heartbreak, without a mother to guide her and through the ravages of two World Wars. With England in the midst of a Second World War, Grace experiences the excitement of love and romance, but all too soon, it turns to heartbreak. Through it all, Grace is sustained by her unwavering faith in God, but when all she holds dear is ripped away from her, Grace is left devastated and doubting everything she’s ever believed in.
As the world slowly recovers from war, Grace too begins the process of healing from the deep wounds inflicted by life. However, her steadfastness to God is lost and she determines never to pray again. When an unexpected opportunity comes up in Kenya, Grace seizes the chance to escape the memories, hoping to find a purpose and build a new life for herself. In the city of Mombasa, Grace soon begins to realise she can’t ever distance herself from life’s complications, but if she’s prepared to open her heart, maybe her fragmented faith will blossom once more bringing her the hope, love and the healing that she desperately needs.
Grace in Mombasa is a story about a woman whose amazing faith is shattered when her life falls apart, but will God simply let her go? If you like heartfelt dialogue, stories seeped in fact and history, and memorable characters, then you’ll love Tracy Traynor’s moving and inspirational novel.

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Author Bio:
I have read lots of fantasy books, and many have been fab, but many more have been hard to read, making that escapism a bit too hard.  My story, therefore, is not full of complicated plots, and names you can’t pronounce, nor is it worded for the highly intelligent.  One of my favorite comments to date, from Rhianne Statom who has read my book, is that “Oracle’s Quest is like Lord of the Rings but for those of us who don’t have degrees in Middle Earth”!!
My dream is for people to be able to pick up my book and to get lost in the story.  I escaped my circumstances so many times by being lost in a good story and this is my driving wish for others, that they may get caught up in the people and places of Talia, and for just awhile, leave their own world behind them.

Book Review by Carmen:
There were aspects that moved a little bit fast for me, were skipped, or that I would have liked to have known more about. The first part of the story is about Grace Clifton's life in England; and I feel that this could have been condensed quite a bit if it had been done correctly. 
The second part is about her time in Mombasa - and for me - this was the interesting section; though I would have really liked to have known a little bit more; since I thought that the story in this section was really intriguing. I ended up giving this book a four star rating and got a copy in exchange for an honest review. 

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