My little boy turns into a big boy

Sorry I have been missing for the last week or so. We have been having some problems with our main computer. I will get back on the menu planning Mondays for next week.
This week my lil boy is attending a program called Step into Kindergarten. It's a weekl ong into to kindergarten. He will be going tomorrow for day 3 and he is LOVING IT! I will post pictures of his first day as soon as I get them on a computer. He has been very excited to go to school and this has been a great experience for him so far. When I went to pick Parker up on the first day this other lil boy says "buddy buddy" and ran up to Parker to give him a hug and say bye! it was soo cute to see them interacting after just being around each other for 3 hrs.
Our daycare provider is also the TA helping with the Teacher so it made for a great transition, and the teacher this week is Parker's teacher come the fall. He will be familar with her when he starts.

Abby is also a changed lil girl lately. We have been experiencing the terrible two's even through she wil be 3 at the end of September. I'm hoping this will end sooner than later.
Well I think I will call it a night in a few minutes and head to bed. Til next time~~~

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  1. Alyssa5:14 PM

    That's so great that Parker is looking forward to kindergarten! Dom has learned the word "NO!" and uses it frequently, I feel the terrible twos too!!! Great post!


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