What a week~

This has been one HOT week! We have been sitting in the 40C with the humidity for most of the week. I think yesterday was only 38C or so! We did hit the beach most of this week. Either the lil pool in town or the beach.

This year we have decided to purchase an annual to our local Conservation Authority. It was $45 for the summer and we can visit 5 local areas. I think this will be a well spent $45. The children love to play in the sand and water. Two of the areas are about 40-45 mins away but the one beach is not even 20 mins away. There is wildlife trails we can go to, plus hiking trails and another beach.

I ordered some more Forever Living Products on Monday and received them on Wednesday! Very fast shipping. If you love the healing of Aloe Vera you should definitely check out my business blog for more information on these great products. The stabilized aloe gel is wonderful after a day at the beach! and the aloe moisturizer has been great anytime. Visit Forever Healthy Aloe. If you live near me, I will be having a few open houses in the near future.

Yesterday we went to the beach in the morning before the rain hit. We pulled in and there were no other cars! It was soo nice to have the beach and sand for my children and myself. We got a hour swim in before the thunder rolled in and it down poured!

Last night it continued to rain and soccer for Parker was not canceled. They only played about 30 mins but it was a wet night.

Today feels a bit cooler but I'm working all weekend :( This week I will try my hardest to get my menu planning Monday up. I will try and work on it this weekend.

Til next time keep cool~


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