$5 Dinners

When I first started reading blogs I was looking for ways to make my dinners frugal and also how to incorporate coupons into my grocery shopping. $5 Dinners was one of the first blogs I followed because all her recipes are for... you guessed it meals for $5 or under. Yes, I know it's American but if you shop around you can also make meals close to that or cheaper. Use coupons and sales and stock up! I love the variety of recipes, check out the HUGE index of recipes here. Also there are great How-To's section here.

Now comes what I like the most...

Menu Planning. Without it I'm lost. I am not home most nights for dinner at the moment and it makes it hard for my mother to come up with idea's to make for my children. Usually I will menu plan, shop and sometimes cook the meals before work or at least get them started in the slow cooker. I am always on the lookout for menu plans already done up and come along with a grocery list. I have a hard time finding inexpensive menu plans though. Now I can head on over to $5 Dinners and grab a new menu plan and grocery list and be set for the Monday-Friday week.

Check out Erin's newest menu plan. You can subscribe to her FREE weekly menu plan here. The plan gets mailed out every Sunday evening and includes a printable grocery list! Right now there is also a giveaway for her $5 Dinner Cookbook. Everyone who subscribes to the Menu Plan emails has the chance to win 1 of 2 copies that are given away monthly.

~*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsor post. All opinions are 100% my own*~

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