Tracking your Coupon Savings

Wouldn't it be great to have an easy way to track your coupon savings with Canadian stores? One that will update automatically to your blog and share on Facebook?

That is excatly what I was looking for since there seems to be tons out there for Americans. I love using coupon's and I would love to know how much in a year I have saved just from using them.

I was contacted by Lina of to try out their coupon tracker. The coupon tracker is a tool that allows people to track how much they save annually using coupons and post it to their Facebook wall, website/blog or save it to Excel. You simply log into Facebook, enter how much you saved dollar wise, what store you bought at and on what date. You then click Submit coupon savings. When you are all done putting in your recent coupons you can share it on your Facebook wall or your blog. It will automatically update on your blog after you add it to your sidebar. To add to Facebook there is a tab to click on, then click update my wall. It's as simple as that.

Also check out GroceryAlerts blog to find great coupons, deals, reviews, articles and giveaways.

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