Whirl-A-Style Hairstyler Review

Growing up I used to wear my hair up about 90% of the time. My hair is straight, fine and used to be down to my behind. My mom would braid it or put it up in a ponytail, anything to keep it out of my eyes and up for school and figure skating. Nowadays my hair is much shorter (over a year ago I cut of 14 inches!) but I still like to wear it up a lot especially at work.

Just recently I had the opportunity to try out a Styling product that will do just that. It will keep your hair up in a nice updo and is quick and easy for the average mom on the go. It is called Whirl-A-Style hairstyler, and is a 30 second updo product. I will admit the first handful of times I tried it out, I had a hard time to get it in right and my hair up. Either it was too lose or too tight. Once you get the hang of it, it is a quick 30 second updo that will hold all day. I wore it to work over the weekend for 12 hrs and it stayed put the whole day. I love how nice it hold your hair up. I haven't tried any other styles other than a basic bun but I am hoping to play around with it this week. Their website has how-to's for a bunch of different styles and they are all are for the average women. I recommend trying this product out if you like a nice neat bun or french roll. It's great for people who are active and on the go either with sports, work or just life. I also really like after my hair is up all day, I take out the Whirl-A-Style and I have nice wavy hair great for a date night!

Here is a picture of it in my daughter's hair, who also has fine hair.

And you have to see the front because she was not in a good mood that day.. hahaha it had nothing to do with the Whirl-A-Style hairstyler, she just didn't want to go outside.

A How- to video is available to show you how to use the Whirl-A-Style. Also check out this neat feature where Zania will create a style for you when enter a profile.  

Where to Buy: You can Shop Online they cost $10 US. You can also find locations near you that sell Whirl-A-Style.

~*Disclaimer: I received a free  Whirl-A-Style hairstyler for review purposes. I did not receive any other compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.*~ 


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