Web Hat ~ Finished

Materials needed for the Web hat.
Last week I shared with you a pattern (Web hat) I was going to attempt as my next knitting project. Guess what? I finished it! It actually didn't take long at all to complete, I worked on it over a few days.

This pattern challenged me as a beginner knitter. I had to switch needles twice, count stitches in a row and also use double point needles (DPN) for the first time. I also learned that as you go on to the next row while knitting in a round you are doing what is called laddering. I was told I did a good job at it for a first timer. Yay!!

I love how it turned out, along with the great wool I used. It is soft and fits nice but not too snug. It can be worn down on my forehead or back a bit to be a small slouch hat. I absolutely love the dark brown with the flecks of color and didn't find it hard to knit. 

Take a look at the photos below for my progress.
Just starting out. I am finished the ribbing.
Half way done, switched over to the 6 1/2 mm circulars.
Almost finished! Last 6 rows, just switched to the DPNs.
Finished! My daughter modeling the end product.
Out for a walk, staying warm.
Next on the list of projects? A headband with a bow for A.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


  1. Looks great!!! Your daughter is a mini-you!!

    1. Anonymous7:50 AM

      Thanks Freda! I know isn't it crazy how much she looks like me? I pulled out pictures when I was young and we looked super similar.. I could have been her twin

  2. This is an awesome hat, I'm going to give it a try! I've pinned it!

    1. Anonymous7:51 AM

      aww thanks Monica for pinning it! I would love to see your hat when you are done :)

  3. Love it! You are inspiring me to pick up my crochet hook and whip up another pair of slippers, because mine are wearing out. :-) (I don't know how to knit, yet)

    1. Anonymous7:52 AM

      Thanks Sue! I am glad I can inspire you to make some new slippers! I would love to learn to crochet(I tried when I was young then gave up). Knitting isn't too hard, you can do it!


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