BAND-AID Brand Magic Vision App Review

Summertime means never leaving the house without bandages in my pocket, bag, purse or van. I really do hate to admit this but we are an accident prone house. If there is a way to get hurt someone in our family must try it, from bruises, slivers to scrapes and cuts. We have been lucky there really hasn't been too many big accidents. The biggest I can think of is the time my son fell over his own two feet and split his head open which required THREE stitches. The poor child was just two but had a growth spurt and kept tripping.

Recently I received an email about a new app that is available through iTunes Canada and Google Play for BAND-AID Brand bandages. BAND-AID Brand MAGIC VISION app is available for free, it is a quick and easy app download and you can get started right away. We added the app to my iPhone and played around with it to see what is had to offer.
This app features all your favorite Muppet characters - Kermit, Miss Piggy and Gonzo. Each character has there own little act when you choose them from the left hand side of the screen. Then point your phone at the BAND-AID and watch the show come to life.

Here is what this app offers:
Kermit loves to try and cheer up your children with a special sing-along of Rainbow Connection — conducted on the back of your hand.

Miss Piggy would like some glamour shots from her favorite fashion photographer, you or your lil one. Just make sure you stay on her good side!

THRILL WITH A DARING ACT OF LUNACY PERFORMED BY THE GREAT GONZO!Gonzo pushes the boundaries of augmented reality past the limits of sanity with a thrilling new stunt. Be warned: things may not always go as planned.


This lets you take a pictures of your lil ones with their favorite character, a sure way to bring a smile to their face! Save the photo to the album and they can see it anytime.
My daughter really doesn't have any fear this spring she kicked her training wheels. She jumped on her bike and hit the road full tilt, no looking back but we have had a few scrapes. She doesn't like to get a scratch and it is usually the end of the world so I have found the take the mind away from the event type approach is what works well with her. This app is a great idea for lil ones that need a good distraction and who better to help than the Muppets!  

It is super easy to use even on a wiggly child as you just aim your phone at the bandage. Don't forget to turn up the volume!

So gear yourself with the Muppet Magic Vision app and BAND-AID Brand bandages this summer! 

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn on behalf of Band-Aid Brand. I received product in return for my honest review.*~

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