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Now that I have been working on breaking my bad eating habits I have decided that I need to get on a workout schedule of some sort. I did the walking thing last year and I can tell you that walking alone doesn't get the results that you really want without a change in eating habits. It is the same if you do workouts all the time but eat really crummy. You may lose some weight or notice a few inches gone but with the combination on healthy eating habits and workouts you will be amazed at the results you can get!

Like most of you I pop onto Facebook a lot throughout the day and have been seeing one of my friends shedding some extreme pounds. I am super proud of her and know that it can't be easy as neither of us were really one to "workout" in the past. I then saw she was doing some of those workouts you see on tv infomercials from Beachbody and I was very interested. So I sent her a private message on Facebook asking her about the workouts, shakes and how she is liking it. Next thing I know I am part of this great group of ladies on the same journey!  I hope to one day be able to share my before and after photos and results but right now I will share with you what I am doing and what kind of results are happening right now. 

I decided to get right to work while I still had the motivation and grabbed a couple free HIIT workouts on YouTube. By the way there are TONS of amazing workouts online! I was finding the videos I started with hard on my knees and decided to grab the new Jillian Michaels Beginner Shred from Walmart when I was out grocery shopping.

I took some pictures and a week later some measurements and have been doing my workouts religiously every night/day I can with a few rest days here and there. With my work schedule I have had to really push myself to do workouts on the day I come off of an overnight and remember to do one in the daytime on the day going into my work night.

I started this journey at the end of August and it is finally getting easier to be motivated to workout each day that I can. I completed the first level of the Beginner Shred and am well on my way into level 2. Level 1 was tough for the squats, lunges and push ups. Now that I am on level 2 Jillian doesn't give us much of a break and we are working hard at blasting away that extra fat while working those muscles in every part of our body. I was just dripping with sweat the last night. I am enjoying it a lot.

Do you have a favorite workout or what workout are you currently doing?

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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