Green Juicing Diet: Green Juice Detox Plan for Beginners-Includes Green Smoothies and Green Juice Recipes ~ Book Review

Book Synopsis: 

Discover optimal health on a green juice diet.

Green juice recipes are not only an easy and delicious way to get your daily intake of vitamins and minerals, but drinking green juice from fruits and vegetables is proven to significantly reduce your risk of cancer and other chronic diseases. A green juice diet is one of the most beneficial types of diets, with flavorful green juice recipes high in necessary nutrients and healing antioxidants.
Whether you are looking to lose weight, cleanse your system or are seeking a daily health supplement, the Green Juicing Diet provides a nutritional path to a healthier you through the power of green juice.

The Green Juicing Diet will show you how to maximize your health through green juice recipes, with:

Dozens of easy and delicious green juice and green smoothie recipes
Step-by-step guidance for starting your own green juice cleanse
Dozens of quick and easy green juice and green smoothie recipes to detox, lose weight, and boost your immunity
Advice on improving hair and skin health through the healing benefits of juicing fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices

Green Juicing Diet: Green Juice Detox Plan for Beginners is a quick and delicious way to lose weight, improve health, boost immunity, and feel more energized.

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I make basic smoothies for breakfast or after my workouts but haven't ventured into "green" ones that much. This is a great beginners guide for juicing and smoothies. This book explains why you should juice or make smoothies, the differences for both and the benefits of both. A chapter on equipment needed especially good if you are thinking about juicing. The section I liked the best was the one about the fruits and veggies that are common to use, their tastes and benefits to using them. The book ends will a section with some great recipes that I can't wait to try out and see how they will help me on my journey to becoming healthier. If you are looking for a juicing cleanse there is a whole chapter on this. I am not sure I could to that yet but maybe in the future.

I give this book a 4.5 stars out of 5

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. I received the above book for review purpose. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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