The Monster That Ate My Socks by A.J. Cosmo ~ Children's Book Review & Kindle HD Giveaway!

Book Synopsis:

A young boy, who is about to be grounded for going through so many socks, discovers that a monster has been eating them.

Max is a young boy who is constantly getting in trouble for his socks disappearing. He doesn’t know where they go, but he does know that if he doesn’t do something quickly his mom will ground him for summer. Max soon discovers that a little green monster is sneaking into his room at night and eating his sweaty socks. His mother, of course, doesn't believe him, so Max calls on his best friend to come for a sleepover to catch the monster. They devise a trap and capture the monster only to learn that the creature can speak. It hasn’t meant to cause any harm, it's just trying to feed its family. The monster shows them his home and his three little children and begs the boys not to turn them over to the adults. Adults, he says, want to destroy monsters.

The boys are left in a pickle. Allow the monsters to be and get grounded, or turn the monsters in knowing what will happen to them? Neither idea seems good, so they come up with a new plan!

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About the author:

A.J. Cosmo's stories are crafted to help parents teach their children simple everyday lessons in an easy to understand manner. By artfully marrying beautiful illustrations and language, children are challenged to explore his magical worlds. Written for the transitional reader, A.J.'s stories allow your child to develop and master a new level of reading.

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Review: This review is by my son, P, who is 8 years old. 

I really like this story because there are three cute little monsters that need food from their dad. The story is about a boy who plays soccer and has dirty socks. At night a monster comes and eats his socks. I like the part where the boy and his friend trap the monster and ask him question about why he is still the socks.  I love the illustrations of the cute monsters and found this book to be very entertaining. I think anyone who likes monster would like this book. I give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars! 

Mom's review: I thought this was a great kids book. The illustrations are very colourful and fun. It isn't a long book so it is great for new readers to get into more novel type reading. My son loved this book and read it to his sister who also enjoyed it. I love that at the end of the book there is a lesson plan which is a great way to see what your child thinks about the book and getting them to let you know the beginning, middle and end of the story. Great book!  

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~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


  1. I dont remember what kind of monster but I do remember being afraid that something was in my closet or under the bed or the dreaded shadows on the wall

  2. Anonymous11:04 AM

    I was afraid of the monster in my closet when I was a child.

  3. Jennifer, thank you for the wonderful review! The biggest compliment is that your son read it to his sister, that's heartwarming!

    1. Anonymous11:10 AM

      Thanks A.J. for allowing us to take part in this tour. The kids really love the book. My daughter actually preferred her brother reading it to her because she said it was about monsters and he would protect her. They can be funny sometimes.

  4. I always looked under my bed for monsters
    (Debbie W)

  5. Not sure if my first comment went through. I wasn't afraid of monsters when I was a kid, but as an adult, its a different story!


    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  6. Yes I was afraid of the boogie man..I had an awful big brother

  7. not so much monsters as just being afraid of the dark -mical

  8. no,but I was afraid of spiders!!

  9. I was always terrified of Freddy Kruger.

  10. Yes I was afraid of monsters as a child, especially those gremlins.

  11. I don't remember being afraid of any monsters but I do remember being afraid of ghosts.

  12. Not so much, and i think it's because my parents never let me watch any scary movies or shows. Although we did watch "Goosebumps" once in a while.

  13. Yes I was afraid there was monsters under my bed

  14. Absolutely, I'm sure there was one behind that closet door!

  15. I was afraid of monsters under my bed. I always leaped onto the bed, and once the lights were out, I was not getting off it. I was scared of even hanging my feet over the bed for fear that a monster would grab them.


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