Hoo-rag Headband ~ Review

Hoo-rag are these crazy fun tubes of material that you can wear a in multitude of ways. My favorite uses for Hoo-rags are as a headband for my workouts. They are great! They stay put and keep the sweat from dipping down my face! If you do any type of intense workout like Insanity Max 30 or cardio like Turbo Fire you will know what I am talking about! I have tried other headbands and most of the smaller ones or elastic ones want to pop off my head the minute I start really getting into my workout. 


Hoo-rag offers a wide variety of patterns, colors and fun prints. Everything from camo, fish/hunting, flowers, flames and skulls! Available in Womens, Mens and dog bandanas
Not a fan of the big thick bandanas? There are even half Hoos available that are half the size. I really enjoy the Hoo-rag but I think for everyday wear I would like the half hoo. I find I have a small head and like a thinner headband so the half hoo would be easier to fit my head. They are a lot of fun to put your hair back and go. I have found them really useful in the mornings when running out the door with the kids to the bus or taking the dog out for a walk. No need to fix my hair just cover and go. 

Hoo-rags are made of 100 percent polyester microfiber that wicks away moisture and protects you from the suns harmful rays! Rated to 30 UPF. This is great as I don't like to wear hats in the summer but this summer I can throw on a Hoo-rag instead. I find they keep you cool when you are heated and I look forward to giving them a try in the fall around my neck to keep the cold breeze off. 

With 10+ ways to rock a Hoo-rag they are great for everyone! Check out this video to learn how to wear a Hoo-rag.

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~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. I received the above products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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