I Challenge You to #Unplug

Life used to be simple. When I think about the simple life I wonder if I remember it as simple because I was a kid. We were expected to be good and have fun as kids, play outside and spend time with friends. Now looking at things they seem more complex even for kids. Everyone is so connected these days to TV, laptops, tablets, smartphones and handheld game devices. I remember having a gaming system but we didn't use it that much. If I wasn't out with my friends playing in the neighborhood I was reading a book, doing homework, spending time with my family or figure skating.

This blog post was actually started about a year ago! I can't believe a year has past and I didn't post this. I had a conversation on Twitter one night with a couple ladies about the addiction to our electronic devises or better yet our social media. We discussed different ways on how we could unplug more from our smartphones and social media. A year before this conversation I had challenged myself to unplug each day just before the kids came home from school. I would turn off the laptop and limit my use of my smartphone/tablet. I would actually turn it off on Friday nights and leave it off until mid day Saturday. I know that isn't long but it is when you are always connected, right?

In this day and age I would say the majority of people are connected to the web by either a phone, tablet or computer/laptop. We are consumed by social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. We will have a conversation through text or social media before even picking our telephone. How many times do you see two people sitting together and both of them are on their phones? This is now highly common, just look around the next time you are out.

Has society helped us be more plugged in? Yes, I think so. The whole start to smartphones and apps. Social media on the go at the touch of our fingertips. It is so easy to stay connected ALL the time.  Do we need to be that connected at all times? How many times do you go out to dinner or a walk and put away the phone? I see lots of people with their phones on the table at restaurants.

Lately I have found Facebook to be really toxic. Lots of people like to post nasty comments to people and attack people for things that are just petty. I decided last Wednesday I would log out of Facebook and take some time off. I am popping once a day to check in on my fitness groups but that is all. I do not want the toxic atmosphere. Plus I find we waste so much time on Social Media where we could be putting this time into something worthwhile. What ever happened to picking up a book or magazine, actually reading articles instead of just junk?

I found a great podcast last week just at the right time about How to Unplug. Brendon Burchard talks about that first hour in the morning and the last hour at night. We always feel like we need to check in and give all our time away. Check out Brendon's post. You really can accomplish so much more when you are not mindlessly checking to social media every 10 minutes. 

My Challenge to You!

So here is my challenge to you! Set up a time slot where you can put away all devises that connect you to the internet and social media. Maybe you want to put away your phone during dinner or after 8pm. Spend more time with your family or spouse without your phone.

I am taking my challenge a bit bigger this time around. I am putting this in place for the next 30 days and see how I do. I will also journal how it is going. Check back to see how I am doing and hold me accountable!
  • I will schedule 30-60 minutes a day (Monday to Friday) that I will check into Facebook. I will leave it logged out on my phone. This is to check into my fitness challenge group and check in with friends. I am thinking of breaking it up into 20 minutes at a time or less.
  • Do not check into any social media or email for the first hour of the day!
  • Stop checking email and social media at 8pm daily. I will allow myself to post Sweaty Selfies after 8 but will wait until the following day to check into challenge groups on Facebook etc.
Will you take the challenge with me? Post in the comments below how you will challenge yourself to unplug.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


  1. Can't believe that people have their phones on when eating, our cell phone is always off, and usually laptops off all and every evening, sometimes as early as lunch time. Surely there has been enough research to show how bad all these electronic devices are for children

    1. Anonymous9:21 AM

      I am amazed watching people when I am out. I may take a photo of the food for the blog or instagram (healthy eating posts) but then its away. I feel meal times are the time to connect with family and find out what is new with the kids.

  2. also we don't have any games devices or a television

    1. Anonymous9:22 AM

      I could do without a television and game devices. I couldn't live without my kindle but that is because a lot of indie authors are ebooks only. We have limited the time on both devices for the kids and it does get shorter in the summer as we are always outside and on the go


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