How Little We Know - by John L. DeBoer

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Paperback, 314 pages

Published March 15th 2016 by Solstice Publishing

For years, Luke Elliot has been a respectable businessman. But he's also had a secret life no one knows, and he's given that up to settle down completely. But when his world is torn apart by tragedy, he flees in despair from all that could evoke painful memories for a fresh start in another part of the country. And there he meets the beautiful and mysterious Jessica Morrow, who is also trying to escape from a past she can't face. As they become close, and Luke finally discovers what her backstory is, he realizes their fateful meeting could end up getting both of them killed. Paths that began in Chicago and San Diego, with stops along the way in Santa Fe and Philadelphia, converge in Seattle, where a deadly cat-and-mouse game ensues, forcing Luke to call upon his lethal skills once more to save himself and the woman he loves.

Born on Long Island, early childhood in New Jersey, then high school, college and medical school in Vermont. General surgery training in the U.S. Army Medical Corps. Left Uncle Sam's employ after nine years (lieutenant colonel) for private practice. Recently retired, I now have time to pursue what I've always enjoyed - writing. 
In addition to my highly literate, published-author (non-fiction) parents, I'd have to say my greatest influence was my ninth-grade English teacher, who made it her mission to drill the rules of grammar into us.
Though my education in the sciences and subsequent surgical career left little time to hone my writing skills, I kept my hand in over the years, including the publication of scientific articles for surgical journals and my annual Christmas letter to family and friends.  These folks were so impressed by my rapier wit, they urged, "You should write a book." So I did.
I chose the thriller/suspense genre, because that has been my favorite category of novels to read. Plus, since these books usually contain ample sex and violence, I thought it would be the easiest genre to tackle, following the axiom, "You should write what you know.

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How little we know is a suspenseful and gut-wrenching novel, and the dangerous story line enhances the suspenseful murder mystery.  From the beginning the reader welcomes the fully-rounded characters struggling to survive in a life of criminal activity.  A relentless struggle evolves to capture the informant and take out the intruder.  The author makes the setting comfortable like Chicago style pizza and old friends.  The two main characters are attractive sneaky people, filled with fake personas and secrets.  They attempt to move forward avoiding the repercussions of the past.  Luke is the ex-mobster who meets an attractive government informant, running from hit men hired by the mob.  The twist comes when Luke begrudgingly admits his connection to these thugs, and the thrilling reality that accidents happen.  These people almost got away with the perfect crime to eliminate everyone.  We live in a small world where your identification and history can be found anywhere by anyone.  The new electronic age of media and snapped evidence revealed a name may change but looks remain the same.  Luke takes control realizing nobody is safe or trust worthy.  He changes the game up using critical time and convenient accidents to intercede the goons.  I rate this book 4 star.  I received this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This book is a good crime mystery.


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