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ATTRACT SUCCESS, MONEY, HEALTH, AND HAPPY RELATIONSHIPS WITH LOVE! "I Choose Love!", your personal guide to mastering your life, will show you how There is one bulletproof tool that can help you attract all the success, money, health, and happy relationships that you want: love. The even better news about it is that it is free. Forget about the strategies of the mind. Immerse yourself in love. Stop living your fears, start living your dreams. "I Choose Love! Overcome Your Fears To Attract The Life You Want" by A.G. Billig is a practical and holistic tool for becoming the masters of our lives with love. "Breaking down the walls of fear and allowing love to shine in our lives is a primary condition for achieving our goals whether they are related to health, relationships, financial abundance, career," says A.G. Billig. The author believes that we learn fear from an early age. As we grow up and turn into adults, our fears, worries, and anxiety multiply under the pressure of the modern society built on scarcity, competition, and emergency. We become easily controllable, out of sync with our authentic selves. Our being shrinks as our energy level, health, and creativity gradually decline. The life situations we confront with, a reflection of our thoughts and deep beliefs, create more fear. Fortunately, it is never too late to own our lives. As soon as we start living from a place of love, instead of fear - love for other people, nature, our job, our house, money, ourselves, positive changes occur. "The first step to living from a place of love is to understand the mechanisms that set in motion our existence and the universal laws. As well as why love - and not fear or hate, is our natural state of being. The first part of the book - Building The Foundation, explains these. Making a conscious choice and taking everyday action, at all levels, come next. The six secret techniques presented in Doing The Work - the second part of the book, will walk you through the process. Our body is a reflection of the Universe at a micro-level. Its components - the mind, the spirit, the heart, and the body are connected. Therefore, a holistic approach is required for its proper functioning. Think about your car. Its engine may work perfectly yet how could you drive it if the tires were flat?" says the A.G. Billig. Inspired by her personal journey to becoming a fearless human being, A.G.Billig interweaves real stories with ancient wisdom. The ideas presented in this book are the result of her encounters with spiritual teachers and healers such as Neale Donald Walsch and John of God, the study of ancient wisdom, and seven years of spiritual practice. "I believe that living from a place of love and a holistic approach of ourselves as beings made of flesh and energy, are the two master keys to creating success, money, health and happy relationships in our lives. I Choose Love! will help you implement both keys in your life. Take your time. You have your own rhythm. Daily and measurable baby steps are better than no action at all," says the author.

"I Choose Love! Overcome Your Fears To Attract The Life You Want" is available worldwide on in digital format. The book comes with three free bonuses: The Four-Week Workbook, two audio guided meditations and access to the Facebook support group "I Choose Love!" What readers say about this Amazon Bestseller: "Finally, I have a real, tangible tool I can give others that need to practice self- unconditional love so that they may go forward and practice unconditional love in their own lives." LoveReadinglLaughing "In a world filled with fears, this book makes a case for love. The book will remind you that love is a choice and give you the tools to choose love every day!" VisV "It is something everybody should read to realize that heroes are among us!" Zaraha "An easy-to-read, well-researched, personal and honest commentary on how to overcome fears and rise to your true potential. Inspiring!" TomasCrow "This was a great book for re-affirming your direction in life, and really deciding what you want, and taking the steps needed to make it happen!" BookKitty About A.G. Billig: A.G. Billig is writer across genres, author of the best-seller "I CHOOSE LOVE!", radio host, certified trainer, spiritual seeker, explorer of the human soul, traveler and dreamer. "Four Doors and Other Stories", released in 2012, marked her debut as a fiction writer. A.G.Billig believes that love is your natural state of being. Love that rejuvenates and inspires you, that gives you strength and abilities to defeat obstacles. Since fear and love cannot coexist in one heart, her mission is to empower people to start living their dreams with love. You can connect with her on: Twitter: @AGBillig Facebook: A.G.Billig Pinterest: AGBillig Instagram: AG_Billig A.G. Billig's Author Website Contact:


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I am a bestselling author, radio host, spiritual seeker, explorer of the human soul, traveler and dreamer who believes that love is our natural state of being. Love that rejuvenates and inspires us, that gives us strength and abilities to defeat obstacles.

I began writing short stories at the age of eight when imagining plots and characters became my favorite pastime. It has remained until now although traveling the world, outdoor activities, sports, spirituality, books, music, taking pictures, and Oona The Yorkie rank high on my list as well.

I wrote my first novel, a book I may decide to publish someday, at fifteen. By that time, I also discovered that I could express my creativity as a journalist. I wrote articles and interviews for several newspapers and magazines. Later I became a TV host and a radio presenter. In addition, after gradutaing from University, I developed a career in communication, as a PR consultant. I am enjoying wearing each one of these different hats because they all allow me to express my creativity, curiosity and love for people. 

As the daughter of a French father and an Eastern European mother, I am a natural born traveler. My trips took me across Europe, to the Americas and Asia. The 2010 spiritual journey to the magical land of Abadiania, Brazil, revealed to me that writing was my life purpose. It also made me realize that everything happens for a reason. That reason is to help us growth, to make us happy. As soon as we understand this, we understand the language of love spoken by the Universe. We recognize it in the small or big events we usually put down to coincidence or luck. You know, being at the right time, in the right place, with the right person.

Now that I've told you a bit about me, I am looking forward to knowing you. You are most welcome in my virtual home - You can also connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Pinterest and my favorite 

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I CHOOSE LOVE –  overcome – your fears –to-attract the life you want -by A.G. Biling
One of the best books I have read describing why we should choose love.
From the beginning, the reader will feel flush and warm.  Like a good friend sharing how love can be possible.  By leading an adventurous life, you will feel powerful, and embark on a journey of unmistakable love.  You are surrounded by the universe, wanting you to be happy and loved.

Biling suggests people shy away from love due to fear.  The author intended for all readers to recognize loving your and others is ok.  She wrote during a time necessary for evolution in her own life.  The longing for life’s meaning and purpose sent her on a journey of discovery.

The diagnosis of my own sudden heart failure had me reading more books than I could imagine on life’s purpose.   The author A.G. Billing said she had the longing for life meaning and purpose.
I realized life is a gift.  Finding value and purpose helps us understand our mission here on earth.

A.G. Biling has shared a wonderful mind evolving book full of quotes and her own evolution on love.  She introduces us to the benefits love has, and how living in fear can create illness.  She sets out to show love is not failure.  Instead love is development and enlightenment.

The author emphasizes. “When you follow the inner voice of your heart, change becomes a miracle.  When you resist it, you experience it as adversity.  The universe forces you into the change you are afraid of or reluctant to make, because it wants you to grow, to manifest your full potential.”

Seeing that, “Healing old wounds, and finding your true self is a journey to the best you possible.” “Love attracts love.”  Don’t be fearful, all humans have weaknesses and strengths.

There are so many positive thought provoking topics in this book.  From the realization fear makes you weak and leads to illness, to the myth of I am not worthy of love.

If you or someone you know has been hurt by love, I recommend, “I choose love” and try again.  The book contains fabulous tools, and the realization we are one with the universe.  The change occurs as we evolve and rotate with the universe.  You have a choice to love and respond positively to others.

Biling writes, “If your heart is kind and incapable of hatred, don’t consider it a weakness.  Don’t wish you had a heart of stone.  Stay true to your nature.  Love attracts more love.”

My review includes my honest and unbiased opinion.  I enjoyed reading this book by A.G. Biling in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

I am happy to give, “I choose love” four stars.  Your body and mind will be rejuvenated after reading the message of A.G. Billing. 


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