Reading Goals 2018

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This year I have fewer goals than in the past as I am trying to get back to my regular reading and reviewing.

This year I have made a Goodreads Reading Challenge of 35 books. I am hoping to read more than that. I am actually hoping to read 50 but I didn't want to overwhelm myself with reading this year. To stay on track this year I am going to make a monthly post about where I am with my reading goals. Do you want to follow along with your own reading challenge? Comment below and join me every month to let me know how you are doing with your own reading.

2018 Reading Goals

Personal Development - This year I would like to read 6 books in this category. They can be ebooks, paperbacks (my fave as I like to highlight passages), or audiobooks (great for my commute to work).
These books can also include fitness & cookbooks as I feel they better my personal life.

Health, Fitness & Diet - I have a few titles already on my to-be-read list and will get them reviewed asap as I know lots of people would be interested in hearing about them. Some are just recipe books for healthy eats, others are fitness & nutrition books. My daughter and I also hope to review a few treat books because you need to have a treat here and there to continue your healthy journey.

Fiction - This section I will break down as it is HUGE in my eyes. I read pretty much everything but right now I am really into psychological thrillers & crime novels. I will try to read a few other genres this year and also try some I don't normally read.

* Graphic Novels - I have only read one of these last year and enjoyed it (review coming). I hope to read at least one more this year or maybe even two!

* Crime, Thriller, Suspense - I am sure I will read lots in this genre as it is my go to. I have a few to read and a few that are read and just need a review posted.

* YA, Sci-fi, Fantasy & paranormal - I am going to try to read five of these. I like YA and paranormal but don't usually read a lot of Sci-fi fantasy type books. I will try to find a few I like.

* Women's, Chick lit - I will aim to read a few of these over the summer as I love beach reads especially when relaxing at the beach or in the yard.

What are you favourite genres? How many books are you aiming to read this year? Do you read ebooks or just paperbacks?

I know I am missing stuff so I will add to it as I go. Are you up for a reading challenge this year?


  1. I break my reading goals down into monthly goals; usually picking two (leisure) books to read a month. Sometimes I get to read both of the books I choose, sometimes I don't. I do have six books that I really want to read this let's see how that goes. I plan on trying to read 90 books this year. : )

  2. I decided I would do monthly updates and goal setting. I have a whole new series that I am just dying to read, House of Night. I just finished book 1, these are leisure books for me, 16 in total plus a graphic novel and other guides.


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