Only the Willing by A D Critchley - Book Review

Book Description:

Corruption and vice in King’s Cross
In 1970’s Australia, American soldiers on R&R descend on Kings Cross in Sydney, their goal to have a good time and forget, for a while, the horrors of war.
Mike is a deserter from the Australian navy living in the Cross and working for Jack who owns a nightclub. In response to the influx of cash from the American soldiers Jack expands his business to include a restaurant and prostitution business. 
As Jack’s business booms Mike becomes drawn into the corruption and deals that are part of life in the Cross. Prostitutes, drug dealers, corrupt cops, and goodhearted people – the Cross has it all.
Life is good for Mike, but nothing stays the same and happiness is never a guarantee.

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Author Bio:
Hi All,
My fortunate life.
I live "Down Under" A land of sweeping plains Gum trees and Koala bears. Isolated from everywhere. I've written many newspaper articles and technical papers over the years. 
In 2009 I wrote a book on Organic Agriculture published in Jordan for their Countries farmers. 
I now work for Australian business advisors. I've completed six business volunteer assignments overseas in South East Asia. Teaching Marketing, social marketing to Advising on 'organic agriculture." The people you meet are diverse in nature and a pleasure to work with. Third world countries rich in spirit and endowed with good humour. I've 25 years running my own business, before becoming a business advisor.
Awarded a outstanding lecturing award from the prison service 2013 while working for College at a large prison.
I joined the Navy as a boy and went to Vietnam, then I moved into the Submarine Service and served on 5 'O" class Submarines, fantastic times wonderful shipmates and a pleasure to serve. I'm an Advocate for ex military since 2001-2015.
Serving with many Submariners from around the world USA and UK for instance. Life has had it's up and downs and like most have had my share.
My first novel is a fact/fiction based on WW2 soldier and how it affects him during and post war and his family. My second novel I've nearly finished it and I'm considering crown funding.
It will be available around April 2016.

Book Review by Carmen:
The writing in this novel had it's ups and downs, there were times when I felt things were a little bit rushed, as well as the dialogue not always being great. Overall, the story-line was alright with this book, so I ended up giving it a three star rating and got a copy in exchange for an honest review. 

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