Gift of the Shaper by D.L. Jennings - Book Review

Book Description:

Armies will clash, and even gods will die… For thousands of years, the Breaker of the Dawn has been locked away in the ethereal plane of the Otherworld. Now, a young blacksmith’s apprentice finds himself trapped in a war between the noble Athrani, a subset of humanity gifted with the ability to transmute matter, and the malevolent and powerful Khyth, who seek to free the ancient god from his prison. When his father, Olson, is kidnapped, Thornton Woods and his childhood friend, Miera, must leave their small village of Highglade to find him. On their way, they are joined by Ynara and Kethras, cat-like humanoids called Kienari, who use their skills as hunter/trackers to follow Olson’s trail. When it comes to light that one among them possesses the key to the Breaker’s release, Thornton and his friends must defy the might of the Khyth as armies on both sides collide in pursuit of the ultimate prize. Gift of the Shaper chronicles the epic struggle between the existing forces of good and evil, with both sides vying for control of the key that unlocks the Otherworld. The very powers of creation and destruction hang in the balance, and only a heroic effort by Thornton and Miera, backed by the power of the Athrani, can possibly stop the Khyth from unleashing ruin — and the Breaker — upon their world.

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Author Bio:
D.L. Jennings was born in Dayton, Ohio to two Air Force veterans, and is a thirteen-year active duty veteran Air Force himself, serving under the Air Force Special Operations Command. He earned an associate's degree in Korean Studies in 2005 and earned his bachelor's in Global Security from Bellevue University in 2008. He finished writing his debut novel, Gift of the Shaper, while serving overseas on his ninth combat tour. When he is not reading or writing epic fantasy, he enjoys traveling, listening to '90s punk, and watching Ohio State football.

Book Review by Carmen:
This book ended up surprising me slightly. In the beginning of the book, there was a lot of 'setting the scene' going on, with a little bit happening, but nothing hugely mind-blowing - all this that takes place leads up to what happens later in the book. Two things I did find interesting was the world and the Athrani, who were also fascinating at times. I ended up giving this book a four star rating and got a copy in exchange for an honest review. 

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