I Challenge You....
To a 4 week Health & Fitness challenge! 

Let's get on track with nutrition and fitness right in time for the summer. 

Been awhile since you have been to the gym? Never joined a gym before? No problem. This challenge will be for beginners +. I will be giving out free weekly tips and exercises for the 4 weeks on my Facebook & Instagram pages. 

Want a full program including meal ideas/recipes and workouts to either lose weight or build muscle? 

Sign up for my 4 week challenge program for $50. You will be added to a super secret email list & Facebook group (for conversation and motivation). This program is all online - can be done from the comfort of your own home - no gym membership required. You will need a couple sets of dumbbells, stability ball, yoga mat and a couple resistance bands. 

Help the dogs!

$10 from each participant will be donated to Rocky Road Dog Rescue. Space is limited.  Sign up today. I will be sending out the first email on May 6th, 2019! 

Want in-person training? I will be offering my personal training and nutrition coaching services starting in June - either in yours/my home or 1:1 online live training. 

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