Book Tour - Interview & Giveaway: Great Kids Don't Just Happen by Dr. Paul Smolen

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Book Title:  Great Kids Don't Just Happen, 5 Essentials for Raising Successful Children by Dr. Paul Smolen
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction
Genre Parenting/Family
Publisher:  Torchflame Books
Release date:   October 22, 2019
Tour dates: Nov 4 to Nov 29, 2019
Content Rating: G


Book Description:

If there are children in your life, you need Dr. Smolen's research and wisdom!

Physically and emotionally healthy children are Great Kids. They are happier when young and thrive as adults.

Pediatrician Dr. Paul Smolen identifies five essential parenting elements which help develop happy and successful kids.

In Great Kids Don't Just Happen you will learn how to use those elements and nurture the children in your life.

The author's observations and advice are supported by scientific studies referenced throughout the book and personal observations from his many years of practice as a pediatrician. The five essential elements and how to apply them are made easy to understand in the warm words of one who knows, practices, and teaches from research, observation, and experience.

Learn how to provide:
  1.         Realistic praise
  2.         Consistent limits
  3.         A healthy emotional environment
  4.         Strong parental commitment
  5.         Stability
Dr. Smolen's research and wisdom are sure to be of great help for your family and loved ones.

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Meet the Author:

Dr. Paul Smolen, also known as Doc Smo by his friends, is a pediatrician with 37 years of experience caring for children and families. He is a graduate of Duke University (1974), Rutgers Medical School (1978), and Wake Forest University-N.C. Baptist Hospital (1982). At Wake Forest University he completed a residency in general pediatrics, served as chief resident, and completed a fellowship in ambulatory pediatrics. Subsequently, he became board certified in the American Academy of Pediatrics (1983) and completed his recertification in 2014. For the last 37 years, he has been an Adjunct Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, helping to train a generation of medical students and pediatric residents as well as author several research papers. He is also the author of a parenting book called, Can Doesn’t Mean Should.

With 37 years under his belt, Doc Smo is a bona-fide expert in knowing what parents want and need to know about parenting and child health. Imparting practical and useful advice is the goal of every “Pedcast”. Smiling along the way can’t hurt!

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Interview with Dr. Paul Smolen

1. How do you research a book?

My book is non-fiction, dealing with the subjects of child health and well-being. I have been blogging about these subjects at my blog/podcast (Portable Practical Pediatrics, weekly for the past 11 years. My book is simply an extension of what I have learned blog while doing my blog/podcast research. For my blog, I read and research subjects I know parents will find interesting. How do I know what parents know and don’t know you ask? That’s where face-to-face pediatric care families and children for 37 years comes in very handy. All that experience is my secret sauce and served as the basis for Great Kids Don’t Just Happen.

2. What made you write this book?

After practicing pediatrics for 37 years, I thought I had gleaned a unique view of families and children. I didn’t want to waste all my cumulative experiences so I decided to summarize what I feel are the most important things parents need to provide for their children in order for them to thrive-become what I call in my book, “Great Kids”. Great Kids Don’t Just Happen is the summation of those observations and three years of research and thought. We have learned so much in the past few decades about best practices that parents can employ to maximize their children’s health and well-being. I thought this must be shared with parents of today because to me, it is obvious that good parenting matters.

3. Where do you write?

I started my blog/podcast after my children went off to college. Aha, two empty bedrooms. I chose my son’s room and rebranded it into studio 1E (first child’s bedroom on the East side of the house). There, I have a computer and a small recording booth I built to make high quality sound recordings. I spend most evenings in studio 1E, listening to classical music, reading, writing and recording. Three years of writing produced Great Kids Don’t Just Happen, my second parenting book.

4. Is there one thing that you want readers to remember about you?

I really don’t consider my story important. I do think, however, that parents understanding what they need to provide for their children in order for them to thrive is vitally important. I am passionate and unambiguous about helping current and future generations of children live happy healthy lives.

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  1. GREAT KIDS DON'T JUST HAPPEN is the type of book I wish I had when I was a young parent. Thank you so much for sharing Doc Smo's wisdom.

  2. Thanks Jenn for highlighting my book. I hope your blog audience will find it an easy important read. Doc Smo


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