Project Grocery ~ Week 3, April 2-8th,2011

I know I am behind by a week so sorry it was a crazy weekend of grocery shopping. I did most of my groceries before heading to work. I did not have time to take any pictures this time around as it was drop and leave sort of thing.  Week three I did buy a lot of basics to get through the week.

The break down is:

Wal-Mart: $21.97 pull ups and a men’s wallet

Independent: $48.58 children’s vitamins (big bottle 50% off), tons of bread and buns, cheese, peanut butter (.99 cents for 500g) and of course ice cream – I have a thing for ice cream and peanut butter!

Food Basics: $24.06 fruit and veggies, eggs and yogurt.

Shopper’s:  $4.09 milk    

Beer Store: $19.35 case of beer (we had a few cases to return)

Post Office: $1.18 Stamps x2

Loblaws: $1.99 Kosher soup beans and seasoning

Wal-Mart: $21.47 Wii game, Lego Indiana for the boys

Total: $142.69 Yes that is over budget but we did have left over money from last weeks budget to spend on the other things.

~*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


  1. Wow not bad either way! We need to start doing something like this budget every week to the cent but then something always comes up eh lol good job girl!

  2. You include Wii games, too?! Holy, woman!

    I mean, our whole lives are budgeted - as you know - but beer is it's own category, and video games definitely don't get included in the grocery budget.

    But Lego Indiana Jones is a favourite of mine, so I can understand the purchase.

  3. haha we don't have any other category to put it in. We do not have an entertainment category so it either comes from savings or groceries.. lol
    Looking at picking up the Dora game for Wii


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