BlissDom Canada '11

It's Official Canadian Coupon Mom has teamed up with good friend Alyssa from A Motherhood Experience and we are going to Blissdom Canada '11!

This year Blissdom Canada '11 is taking place at the Hilton Hotel in Toronto! Alyssa and I are working on a little thing we decided to call "Project Blissdom '11" We are in the works of organizing our trip to Toronto as we speak. Our room has been reserved and our tickets purchased. Can you imagine that the tickets sold out in under an hour! We are stoked to be going.

"Project Blissdom '11" is in the works. We want to represent a brand or brands that would be willing to sponsor our trip to Blissdom Canada, small sponsors are great also!

If you’re interested in sponsoring us as a team please take a look at our sponsorship media kit for more information about what exactly we can do for you and contact us via email at

~*Disclaimer: This is not sponsored post. All opinions are my own and honest.*~


  1. I just sent you an email asking if you were going. Well, I guess I know the answer now!

    And, I guess I know I won't be attending. Good luck finding sponsors :)

  2. Thanks I sent you an email back.

  3. see you there-- i'll be flying in from Cowtown!

  4. See you there! Can't wait :)

  5. I'm popping by to return the follow; thanks for following. I'm so excited to attend BlissDom Canada this year; I hope we get the chance to meet. :)


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