Kellogg's Fibre Plus Cereal Review

I posted a couple weeks about a great little offer from Kellogg’s. You can check it out here if you missed it. Kellogg’s is giving away a free sample of either kind of Fibre Plus Cereal. I filled out the little survey and requested to try the Summer Berry flavor.

Fibre Plus* Summer Berry Flavor cereal is made with a combination of oven toasted whole grain cereal squares with crunchy granola clusters and the delicious taste of mixed berries baked right in.”

My sample arrived very fast! It arrived in a week and right at snack time. A and I decided to try it out with our yogurt that need to be finished up.  

I mixed up some cereal and vanilla yogurt and we tried it out. The cereal stayed crunchy and tasted great. The berry taste was also a really nice touch with the small clusters granola in it. It was not an overpowering taste but also not a weak taste of berries. Another thing I love is that it is 40% of your daily intake of Fibre! 10g of Fibre. A really enjoyed the cereal and yogurt also and decided the little box it came in was to be kept for her play kitchen!

Along with the tasty cereal sample, I received 100 cents off my purchase of Kellogg’s Fibre Plus cereal! You know how I enjoy my coupons.  The coupon was explained that Kellogg’s is 100% Confident that you will love your 100% free sample!

~Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received a free sample from Kellogg’s Canada. All opinions are my own.*~


  1. I got mine a couple of days ago, but have not eaten it the coupon in the box?

    The Life Of An Unknown Sister

  2. The coupon was inside the outside box.. Did you not get one?


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