Project Grocery

I have been following a great Canadian blog called For the last Fourteen weeks The Mrs. has a Project Grocery going on. Now this involves an on going attempt to keep a grocery budget under $120 a week to feed, The Mrs, Mr and their two lil ones.

I have been budgeting my groceries for sometime now. I would say likely about a year. I started with a budget of $125/week. Then we decided to buy our meat at a butcher. This will be a blog post in itself. I then dropped our budget to $100/week. Putting aside the $25 each week for our meat. I realized we can make do with out meat order for 3-4 months, so I will be playing around with the budget again.

I am jumping on the band wagon with The Mrs. and will show you how I am making it through the week on our budget and what we buy with it. My grocery budget includes: our food, cleaning supplies, pet food/supplies, pull ups and beer.

Usually I shop once during the week but I am also known to pick up a good deal in the supermarket in the city or pick up milk before the week is over.

Stay tuned for this weeks budget! and don't forget to check out for her weekly Project Grocery.

~*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are that of my own.*~


  1. Thanks for hopping with us

  2. new gfc friend. Nice to meet a Canadian blogger. I am at + feel free to enter my spring everyday giveaways.

  3. Thanks for visiting my Visiting from the Canadian Clog Hop#1 entry. I'm following you thru GFC too.

  4. really looking forward to reading more on your budget! I am trying to lower our grocery expenses ( I won't even tell you where we are right now.. it's bad LOL)

  5. YAY! Now we can all suffer - I mean save - together!

    You already know how nosy I of course I'm dee-lighted to peep at your groceries and see what you do to keep it all under your budget too.

    And thanks for the shout-out.

  6. Also, beer?! Seriously? That is SO not included in our budget. It has a whole other column devoted to it.

    Man, make me feel inadequate, why don't you? [She said in a whiny voice.]

  7. haha TheMrs. beer is one of those things that stretches over two weeks or so.. but we don't have an entertainment budget yet.


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