Manischewitz Soup Mix Review

About a week ago I picked up a package of Hearty Bean Soup Mix with Seasoning from the Kosher section in Loblaws. It is made by Manischewitz which is the largest manufacturer of processed kosher food products in the US. Manischewitz is also the number one baker of matzo or unleavened bread in the entire world. They produce hundreds of other kosher foods, including baked goods, pastas, soups, gefilte fish, grape juice and borscht.

If you would like to know more about Manischewitz please visit their site and read all about their history and products.

This was a great little package that contained all the beans and a seasoning packet to make the soup. All that needs to be done is boil water and add beans, simmer for 2 hours and then in the last 10 minutes add the seasoning. I also added alphabet noodles in the last 10 minutes. It was so simple to make stirring occasionally, I was a little worried the beans would not be ready, but the soup tasted great. Little effort for such a great soup. I sent it with hubby the following day for his lunch as he was working when I made it for the kids and I. He came home that night and said "I would eat that soup again if you make it". Yay! I loved it also and will be making it again for sure. I also have two other soup packages to try, Split pea with barley and also Four bean soup. I would expect they will be great also. I will let you know how they are also.
The other great thing with these soups are they are pretty inexpensive. I bought mine on sale and they cost $1.20 a pack. I believe regular they are around $2. Still very inexpensive. I would make a double batch if everyone was home or we were eating it for dinner. There would be enough for lunch the following day.

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