Project Grocery ~ Week One

As promised, I said I would show you were I am spending my grocery money and how well I am sticking to the grocery budget. I am joining in with TheMrs on this Project Grocery. Feel free to leave a comment and a link to share your grocery budget.

This past week was a little different as we didn’t do too much for groceries. I picked up a couple things here and there. I find when I am in the city there are some good deals or things that can’t be bought at my regular stores so I pick things up here and there. We have also been buying our milk at Shopper’s as it was much cheaper than other places ($3.87). Just recently it went up to $4.09, I will be looking around to see if this is still the best deal as we also get our 30 optimum points with our purchase.

Below is our budget for the week. Some items are not pictured as I jumped on the band wagon after buying it and putting it away, I promise I will get better at taking pictures from now on. For the ones I have not included in the pictures I have wrote the breakdown below. 

March 19th -25th, 2011

Wal-Mart = $12.66 - dish rack at $7.97 and two boxes of sandwich bags at $2.50 each and then I used $1 off coupon x2.

Shopper’s = $6.07 - 2 bags of potato chips at .99 cents each, bag of milk $4.09.

Post office = $13.82 – this one is very rare! I mailed out some forms and a book.

Giant Tiger = $13.48 – Sandwich meat x8 at $1 each, Kraft BBQ sauce x2 at .88 cents each, and a bag of hotdog buns at $2.87 for 12, I also got a .03cent credit for having my own bag.

Loblaws = $11.41 The nice thing about the yogurt is that it was on sale for $2.99 and then had that pretty pink 50% off sticker, in total I got 24 singles for $4.47. Also each pack came with a $1 off coupon for the same yogurt!

P. for Pizza Day at school = $2.00

Grand Total this week = $59.44 I used two coupons only this week totally $2.00 and mostly everything was on sale. Not a bad week. Next week will be bigger for sure as there are some good sales and we are out of a lot of things.

~*Disclaimer: This is not sponsored post. All opinions are my own. *~


  1. LOVE the pink stickers. It's like putting smiley faces on my stuff.

    I'm thinking about papering one of my rooms with them!

  2. great stuff....i try to shop with coupons too when items are on sale.. :D love you blogs

  3. Love your blog...I am your newest follower :D

    I am an avid couponer as well, will be nice to share some tips!

    Check out my blog as well please, although it includes posts about coupons, there is much more to it...

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