Vacation Deal! We are going on a Vacation!!

I am very happy to say we are going on a Vacation this summer! Our family hasn't gone on a vacation in a LONG time, mostly for two reasons, Price and time off of work. Just yesterday I was checking out one of the many Daily Deal sites and this is what I found: $100 for a Two-Night Stay at Marble Lake Lodge ($271 Value) - Any Fri/Sat night in June

Then if you look over the WagJag ad you will see you can save another $25 if you visit for a two night stay from Sunday-Thursday: $75 for a Two-Night Mid-Week Stay at Marble Lake Lodge (Value $271) - Sundays to Thursdays in June

This is the deal I picked up yesterday and called to book my time. If you have never used a WagJag coupon like me then here is how you go about this great offer. I called to ask the lady a few questions about the deal and the cabins. I did ask for the availability I would like as this is only offered in from May 27th - June 30/11 and I only have a week off in June. I wanted to make sure I could get in on my week vacation. Bonus, there was a cabin available. The lady held it for an hour for me to go purchase the deal and call back with the Voucher number. Which I did all in 15 minutes!

My family will be heading to Marble Lake Lodge in June for a two night stay. The cabin we have booked is a two bedroom, with full kitchen, tv/dvd and shower. They do ask you to bring your own bedding and towel but that isn't a big deal to me. I actually prefer that. The lady who I booked with was very nice and friendly and I am excited for our visit.

~*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. It does contain an affiliate link, as a WagJag member I get a bonus if my readers, friends or family make a purchase using my link.*~


  1. Vacation - What is a vacation? I agree with you. My family also could use one of those great opportunities. A chance to get away, relax, and renew our time together.

    Marble Lake Lodge sounds perfect.

  2. Thanks for visiting Sharon! We are on a count down for this vacation. 6 and a half weeks.. :)

  3. I'd love to go on a vacation this year! My sister is due to have a baby towards the end of June, so we'll see. He is a Trisomy 18 baby. She's due to have him on my birthday, but will probably go early. I really wish I could see into the future to know what is going to happen.


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