Angry Birds

There was a lot of talk one night about these things called "Angry Birds". I have seen the plush toys and posters in the store but had never really taken interest to them as I didn't think it would be for my kids age. So I hopped in on the conversation to find out more about Angry Birds. I found out that these birds are actually part of a game for the iPod, PC and even online.

These birds are very angry looking and the object of the game is to launch the birds at different structures with other round things (good pigs?)sitting on and in the structure. Once all the pigs are smashed then you pass the level and go on to the next.
This is VERY addictive for both parents and kids. After playing one night on my iPhone, I am hooked and trying to pass all the levels on my free version. It may just be one of those games I will purchase the full version app. Check out for your free version to check it out for yourself. I will admit some levels are hard but I figure was I pass them all, I will go back and try to earn 3 stars on each level. P is also loving this game and has requested a few times an Angry Bird toy from Shopper's Drugmart. I have told P that could be something for his list to Santa.

~*Disclaimer: This post is not a sponsored post. It has been written by Canadian Coupon Mom. Just sharing about Angry Birds game. All opinions are honest and my own.*~

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  1. The Angry Bird game is fun. We like the RIO version. My 4 year old daughter is always grabbing my iPod and playing this game. She is so good at it! Way better than me. :-P


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