What to Wear

So here I sit trying to figure out how to gain a new wardrobe that is stylish, inexpensive and get it before the two biggest Canadian blogging conferences, ShesConnected and Blissdom Canada. Yes, I know, I have waited likely too long to really find anything but I thought I was going to be fine buying a few tops, sweaters and a couple pairs of pants. I still haven't found anything.

I have bought a few things from this one online store thinking WOW the prices are AWESOME but when receiving the clothes they fell apart right away. Did I mention that when I emailed them they haven't returned my email? I think if I purchase from across the world again I will stick to Trial and error I guess, just sucks it took over two weeks to get to me and I spent $50 I could have put else where on better quality clothes.

Now to look for higher quality clothes hopefully on sale... It has only been about 7 or so years since I turned my style from Business Casual to Casual. I never wore jeans, always dress pants and dressy shirts. Now it's the total opposite and all I wear are jeans and t-shirts. I blame that on work not on the kids. I work in a health care field and well its really hard to keep dressy going without ruining it all with cleaners or grease.

I believe I have the make up thing covers with an E.L.F haul that I will be putting in by tomorrow. I will likely head out to Ardene's to pick out something for accessories and see what they have for new flats. I still need clothes though! AHHHH!

I would like a dressy outfit for evening parties (pants and a couple dressy tops will work fine) and also some business casual for daytime stuff, again I figure nice jeans or black pants and a few nice tops. I need another sweater also as I have only one that is dressy.

I am reaching out to my readers for your help in choosing some great clothes, Where do you shop? Any online stores you can point me to?

~*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, it was written by Canadian Coupon Mom. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


  1. don't stress too much, I plan on dressing up jeans for most of it too! I did find some afforable pieces at H&M though, not sure how well they will last long term, I don't have much else from there.

  2. How about Reitman's?? I find they have a nice mix of casualish dressy clothes if that makes any sense:)

  3. I just found some great name brand clothing at Value Village! It takes some time to rummage through but can be worth it in the end.

    I second Reitman's- I like their variety and pricing.

  4. Thanks ladies, I should go to Value Village or there is another good second shop in Ottawa. Maybe I will head into work early on Thursday and see what is available. I have two pairs of pants from Reitmans, I have been watching their clearance racks for black pants though...


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