Celebrating 6!

This past weekend we celebrated our sons 6th birthday with a little gathering of his friends, lots of free play, presents, snacks and a chocolate cake.

Lots of prep went into the cake and cleaning the house, planning where to put all our animals as P said one of his friends was allergic but I found out just before the party that the little boy is afraid of dogs. We did bring out the BIG bunny as everyone wanted to see him and pet him.

I am really happy with everyone showing up that P invited. Usually that doesn't happen. I also let A invite a friend over so that she and her friend could play or do crafts and not feel left out when the boys played.

The plan was to have the party at our local park to enjoy the play structures and the new splash pad but of course we had cool wet weather. Every year since P was born the weather is usually raining and cold expect for last year it turned out not too bad.

We woke up yesterday to the sun shinning but within minutes it was cloudy and looked like rain. We decided to cancel the park and stay home just in case there was a storm. Everyone arrived on time at 1pm and if they didn't I think P would have lost his mind as he was sitting at the door waiting since about 12:40.
Sorry for the blur still learning my new camera
I didn't plan out any activities as the boys wanted to play with cars, lego and other toys. They enjoyed free play and snacks. P opened some great presents - Thanks parents! and then came the chocolate cake that P chose from The Looneyspoons collection cookbook. The cake went over well with all the boys!
P was super happy with his party this year and can't wait for next year already. All in all it was a good day but a group of 5/6 year old boys in a house on a rainy day for more than a couple hours would get really crazy!

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Canadian Coupon Mom. This is not sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own.*~

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