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With Mother's Day right around the corner the kids have been talking about what they want to make for breakfast for me. One of their favorite things to make is a fruit and yogurt parfait. They will head into the kitchen after telling me to not go in there. 

They will gather their supplies as follows:
small plastic bowls
plastic spoons
cutting board and plastic knife
fruit (whatever is on hand that they can cut with a plastic knife) - this is usually strawberries, blue berries or blackberries and bananas 

The kids then proceed to make mommy's yummy breakfast. First adding a couple huge spoonfuls of yogurt and some granola. opping this delicious mix with berries/fruit they have chopped themselves. I love how excited and proud they have become of their master pieces as they take the pride of doing it all by themselves.

This year they have asked for a bit more help to make some yummy muffins or main dish. We decided to head over to the Life Made Delicious website to pick out a couple recipes to try out this Mother's Day.

The top two choices A & P made are Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Breakfast Ring or Banana-Walnut Brunch Squares. Both look very tasty and super simple.

What will you be having this Mother's Day?

Head over to Life Made Delicious for more easy tasty recipes!

~*Disclaimer: I am part of the Life Made Delicious Blogger program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.*~

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  1. Looks yummy :) I'm actually making brunch for my Mommy, but I love being in the kitchen, so that's okay.

    Let us know which recipe won out!


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