Stars on Ice Ottawa

Growing up there were many days spent on the ice at the rink down the road from my house. Between my brother and I we almost lived at the rink. When we weren't at our home town rink we were in the city as my brother skated pairs at that rink.

Many competitions and trips around Ontario I was lucky to meet many of the great skaters of my time - Elvis Stojko, Kurt Browning, Ekaterina Gordeeva & Sergei Grinkov just to name a few.

Last weekend P and I took the trip into Ottawa to see Stars on Ice! I haven't been to a Stars on Ice show yet but have been to many other competitions and skating shows. This was P's first figure skating show other than Disney on Ice. I want to send out a Super Thanks to Jergens who is a sponsors of Stars on Ice Canada for sending myself and my date. We had a wonderful time and this show took me down memory lane. A part of me misses the skating life I left behind. Maybe one day I will be a figure skaters mother and we will tour around with great skaters like Kurt Browning.

This years tour cast includes Kurt Browning, Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir, Joannie Rochette, Jeffrey Buttle, Meagen Duhamel & Eric Radford, Sinead & John Kerr, Ashley Wagner, Shawn Sawyer and Ottawa's Patrick Chan! Kurt Browning is still as amazing as ever and Shawn Sawyer is very artistic that I can see him following in Kurt's footsteps. I always loved the exibition skates at the big competitions as this is where the skaters can really let go and become artists with music, costumes and skating.

Check out this great interview with Kurt Browning on Canadian Dad's blog.

Check out the tour dates and see an amazing show this year with Stars on Ice.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. Thank you goes out to Jergens for sending me and a guest to this event. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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